Monday 7 October 2013

A New Phone In The House People...

Well there is actually two, but one is mine. I can't contain my excitement! - I just had to share with you. I've actually been living with a phone that's just awful, not only did I drop it, which resulted in a crack straight down the middle and off to the side a little, the internal memory was just awful. I literally had to delete apps, etc, that came with the phone to create space. When ever the little icon popped up, telling me the internal memory was full, I couldn't receive texts or notifications via Facebook/Twitter. Now in a world, run by the likes of social networks, it was a bit of a nightmare. To get it off, I had to delete all my phone logs, texts and anything in internet and youtube search engines everyday or if I was lucky every other day, urgghh!! I didn't even have photos, music or video's on my phone that's how bad it was. Anyways for this reason, despite the free tablet you can get right now in carphone warehouse, I would not recommend a purchase of the Samsung Galaxy ace. This coming from a girl who absolutely loves Samsung, her last several phone's being from the brand. Sorry Samsung! In the year of 2013, this bad memory should not happen. Though it's better then my early high school days when you could only fit 1 song (crazy frog - don't pretend it was never on your phone) on and maybe five photo's. 

Anyways, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful Samsung Galaxy S4 mini - I don't know how they can, get away with calling it a mini when it's bigger then the phone I already own, although lighter and much slimmer. Still it's smaller then the original S4 and I'm not complaining because I'm in love with it.

Yes In *squeals* PURPLE!  Originally I was going to go with the white, I'd seen the purple online but when I went in store it wasn't on the board. But luckily we mentioned it and the man serving us said they'd got them in on Saturday just gone, yipee. I originally was given a yellow, flip case for a S3 mini (we took it back, because it obviously didn't fit) and they weren't any yellow ones in stock for S4 mini. This being the only colour you could have, with the phone. They then gave my other half, a blue one for me (though I would of preferred pink. Don't think they have them in pink though and you don't get a choice). The blue's better then the yellow and it's definitely grown on me and with RRP of £29.99, I ain't complaining. You can purchase here.
With the flip case you remove the back of your original phone to insert it. The flip case is more tougher and sturdier then the original back that comes with the phone. I've not touched it much, it's on charge. But I had a little fiddle and I just love it. Also just want to say, in the next few years apart from major cities where it already is. 4G is coming, this is a faster better internet service. I am with three, though most services will be making their customers pay extra for the 4G service, Three isn't one of them. They will be giving this service free to anyone already with a 4G compatible device. 

We had a lovely service in our local store.

S4 mini is available to buy for £399.95 with £10 top up, £379.95 without a sim or on a pay monthly plan too from the Carphone warehouse here. Available in white and black at most phone retailers, but seems only purple is available at Carphone. 

Apparently the S5 will be released next year and it's going to be so thin, it will be very flexible that you can bend it sort of like a bendy ruler without doing any damage.  

With Love


  1. Ooh I didn't know you could get it in purple, that makes me even more likely to want it haha. Enjoy using it, I think you're going to see the most massive improvement from the ace, you're going up about four models in one go xx

    1. I know. The man in store said it was quite the upgrade from a ace to s4. Of course I already knew that. I'm not to bad with technology. Yes your beloved purple lol. I've barely rouched it but I do love it. Only £26 a month too. Just need to cancel my sim only plan though it restarts again tomorrow lol xx


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