Friday 4 January 2013

Sale Haul

Today i decided to go town and pick up a few pieces using my joy card from The Body Shop which i knew had £3.00 on and spend the £10 Boot's voucher i received off my boyfriend's brother for Christmas. I didn't hold much hope of anything being left from the boxing day sales and planned on getting the trio of Soap & Glory sprays because i love the pink one (sorry unsure of the name) and thought it would be the perfect chance to try the other two available from the spray collection. I have to say i was pleasantly surprised at all the stuff that was available from the boxing day's sales in Boots and The Body Shop even more so in Boot's. So the soap & glory spray went out the window, Birthday wishlist :) and i picked up these - i also went to George and picked up some slippers and a pj top then over to Asda and got a matte peach glow compact powder from Rimmel. (Yes my George is separate from Asda store)

Sanctuary Spa

I originally got a small set of this and took it to the check out because i had a £10.00 voucher and the smaller one was originally £10.00 down to half price, £5.00. This kit is usually worth £40, with half price marking down to £20 but at the checkout the woman said it was down to only £10. Bargain!! So if you are in Boot's don't be fooled by the £20.00 marking if you manage to get your hands on one.

No7 Polish

When i so this, i just had to snap it up. Originally £10.00 down to £5.00 once again another bargain. Even though my boyfriend thinks i am mad considering quote by him "I have enough to run my own nail salon". I don't agree but for one person, ME. There is enough. I love No7 nail polish it's such good quality. Bit gutted that No7 have gone from having 5 polishes down to 4.

Body shop shower gel in vanilla bliss and Cranberry.
I got the gingerbread one for Christmas, and once i smelt these in the shop i just loved how gorgeous the scent was. These were down from £4.00 to £2.00. And since i had a joy card worth £3.00 i only paid a £1.00 towards them. 

In town i got £56 worth of products and paid only £1 of my own money. After my boyfriend found £5, with a £10 voucher for Boot's and £3 on a Joy card for The Body Shop. The rest were savings. I also got some clothes from next in the sale spending only £3 with having a £20 next vouchers.

I got this pj top from George for only £2

These weren't in the sale but only got them for a fiver from George. 
Yes i have big feet, lol. But my size varies depending where i shop, i can fit into a six too. 

I just would like to mention that i painted my nails yesterday using a new Models Own polish for some weird reason it bubbled again so i feel i can't show you the results. I find it strange that Models own seem to be the only company i have problems with bubbling, not all the time just every so often. Which makes me feel as though it's something i am doing. I did how ever end up painting over it with a touch of nail art because it was getting late. I used my new dotting tools which i love just need to get use to them and work on it, until the results are better. 
Sorry about the quality, the hairy looking bits are cotton wool balls that stuck to my nail lol. The colour is Aqua Violet with pink punch has petals and lemon meringue in the middle. I also used nails inc Glamour glitter over the top.


  1. What bargains! Well done lol, xoxo.

  2. Amazing sale finds! Especially the Sanctuary products! And What dotting tools do you have? Am looking for some good ones!! xxx

    1. Hi sophie, i have only used them once. But they seem good. I got them off my parents for Christmas and there called bundle monster? Have never heard of them before but they come in a black case and it's 10 dotting tools, 5 sticks with a dotting tool on each end and it also comes with 15 nail art brushes of all different shapes and sizes. I took a quick snap which can be found on my Christmas haul. :) xx


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