Wednesday 16 January 2013

Body Shop Haul

Firstly had like to apologize for my lack of posts these last few days. Last year when i started blogging, i decided if i had some products (a lot) i would get them more or less out the way asap. This year have vowed to take my time, spread them out a little more. For example 2/3 days but have gone more then my time limit due to something cropping up or it getting to late plus i am a little addicted to my Kindle which i only just started using three days ago from Christmas and i am on my second book, opps. Little addicted to Sylvia days crossfire collection very Christian Grey aka 50 shades. Anyways enough of that and more to the review. This is my body shop haul, i decided to wait until had used some of each product before doing my review so i could do all four products at one time. Two were for Christmas, two from the pre christmas sales.

 First up is Cranberry Joy Lip Balm - This is from the limited edition body shop collection along with all products shown below. Yes is maybe a little too late because the chances of getting your hands on them now are unlikely but you never no what Christmas 13 may bring and these products may well be available once again. Cranberry Joy Lip Balm is a lovely shade of red, unfortunately the colour doesn't show up on the lips and you can't spread it on with your finger cause you don't get a lot of product so you need to rub your lips on as a whole. It's very dainty and you only get 6.5ml worth of product for the original price of £4 it's not a lot really. How ever i got it on 50% off with the purchase of four or more products before christmas taking it to £2. The scent is quite high in the container but doesn't really hand around on the lips. It does keep your lips smooth and silky until it disappears completely through drinking/eating or dry's up.

From Left to right

Ginger sparkle
Cranberry Joy
Vanilla Bliss
Shower Gels 

I am not going to give them all separate reviews, i believe they all do the same job leaving your skin bubbly clear and smelling amazing. Ginger sparkle i was given for Christmas from my boyfriend i did purchase it on his behalf again for £2 originally £4. There was a high for this everywhere and people seemed to not be able to get enough of it, but it doesn't appeal to me tbh. I don't notice any sparkle really unless i didn't pay attention and i ain't really keen on the Ginger smell in all honesty. Next up is cranberry Joy got this in christmas sales for £2 and my thoughts are just as they are with ginger sparkle, i don't like the smell it's quite sickly and strong smelling. I won't purchase either again had love to try a cinnamon one if they made that available Christmas 13 will see me hopefully if it's available heading straight to the chocolate collection, yummy. My fave one of the entire body shop collection this year was Vanilla bliss, the scent was just perfect and i really will be getting this again Christmas 13 if available.

Due to my lack of posts i am going to show you my Mua #3 sale haul that i ordered before Christmas and received early January find it in my post after this.

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