Tuesday 1 January 2013

Models Own Nail Polish #1-5

Let's start the New Year with some fantastic news.. my mum is coming out of hospital today, yay. I wasn't sure whether she would or not, but the doctors wanted to wean her off some treatment and it all went okay so they were happy to send her home which is brilliant news, i couldn't think of anything personally that could make the start of 2013 any better. I hope you all had an amazing night? Anyways today i will bring you two new posts, this of course being one of them and the second coming straight up afterwards. 

Firstly i bring you five of my new Models Own polishes starting with the fabulous pink punch. I describe this as a very exotic colour and very bright in a neon sorta way. The formula is fabulous and applies well, i did use around 2/3 coats but it's a lovely creamy polish. I love creamy polishes that are thick. This was £2.50 in 50% off sale but it's usually £5.00 which is the price right now. Available to buy on models own website or in selected boots store or on boots online. 

 Pink Punch - £5.00 (Models Own or Boot's)
 Pink punch is pink with tones of orange which is clear to see. It's such a stunning colour. This also as sally Hansen base/top coat on too. Lovely for the summer or evenings.

Next up are four models own polishes i tried for the first time yesterday and love. Their Jade stone and pastel pink from the ice cream sundae collection/boxset and Emerald city and magenta divine, from the glitter collection. Now these are two greens/two pinks which are utterly gorgeous but so different from one another. Now you're all probably thinking, pink and green lovely. But i put them together. In all honesty i have this thing for pink and green being together they look amazing, it all started one time when i was about 10 and i went to ikea with my dad and there was a room on display it was lime green and bright pink and i just fell in love lol. But i won't bore you with that, because after painting them and looking at them i just thought what the hell was i thinking. I mean they are lovely colours and some pinks and greens go and i think jade stone and magenta divine look perfect. But the others not so much. So the only good thing to come out of this is have managed to get four out the way at once, and the fact i won't try designing my nails this way again with these particular colour's. Also i think jade stone and pastel pink look okay-ish when you do a nail one colour and the other another.

Here goes -

 From left to right; pastel pink, magenta divine, jade stone and emerald city.
 Before cleaning up. And before top coat too. Look's okay.
Then it all goes wrong lol. the colours are fab. Both glitters are thick glitters instead of the dainty glitters where you don't get alot at once. I only needed two coats to achieve this layer of polish. The ice cream sundae layers underneath needed three, though jade stone could of got away with two. These are a bit sheer then pink punch above top but are still lovely polishes to have. These are also £5.00 each. I look forward to bringing you more soon.


  1. Great news about your mum! I really like the first colour you used, all very pretty though, xoxo.

  2. I know. Yes it is pretty. They all are others i didn't show that well. I tried to do another post and i did start but had to rush out xx


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