Wednesday 9 January 2013

Models Own Polish Review

Today i have Lilac Dream from Models Own Ice Cream Sundae boxset and boogie nights from Models Own MirrorBall boxset.

To buy Lilac Dream click here. £5.00
Lilac Dream is a lovely Lilac pastel colour, above show's two layers. As mentioned before, this Models Own polish on application is just like the others. Very creamy. This is the one Models Own polish i am most impressed with, i didn't get no bubbles. I think it's down to me not allowing it to dry long enough even though it felt dry. I left it a touch longer then usual and i was happy with the results. I find other polishes i use dry quicker then Models Own but i don't mind waiting for it to dry a bit longer if it's a decent polish. There are five other colour's available in the ice cream sundae collection. This is the perfect boxset for spring/summer and is cheaper to buy as a boxset rather then separately.

To buy Boogie Nights click here. Also £5.00
Boogie Nights is a clear polish base with pink, purple and blue sequins with bigger silver mirror type sequins/glitters. Here are three layers with just the perfect amount of glitters to show of the lilac dream. I think these two go together perfectly. Lilac Dream is perfect for day time and then you can apply Boogie Nights to take it to from day to night. There's also 4 other colour's available in the mirrorball collection. Again cheaper to buy as a boxset plus you get a clear 3in1 polish. Check it out.

(Photo's are taken before touch up)


  1. Very pretty, is it me or are your nails longer now lol, xoxo.

    1. I think there a little longer. My boyfriend says my nails look like false ones but there very much real. I have always been a terrible nail biter so i have to paimt them so they stay long cause they look so much nicer. I agree the colour is pretty. Not very now but i don't follow nail trends i wear what suits my mood .


    2. Lol it would be too expensive to follow trends all the time. I bet you have a lot of nail polish to use up after your models own haul hehe, xoxo.

    3. Yes it would they all add up. I tend to go for cheaper brands of get good stuff on fragrance direct or cheap smells its like 99p for revlon there decent sized bottles and cost about 5/6-7 pound more at boots. My haul was small compared to some peoples i got mirror ball like 30 nail art polishes the only way is essex set plus no7 that i bought in sale. Loass in my beauty cupboard. Have enough to keep me going lol. Have started on my bday wish list already despite it not being until march i am happy to announce have only got nail stamps on list no nail polish no make up. Very proud lol. They have this lush love heart box set for valentines day that i have my eye on off the fella. Plus its mothers day in march too. Its an expensive month for me and my partner 3 mums, 4 bdays and easter lol.

  2. Paint* silly phone lol silly kate x


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