Wednesday 30 January 2013

What I Have Been Reading.

A little different today and something i will add occasionally to my blog along with movie reviews etc. Because it's part of my life. Have read probably one to many books since receiving my kindle for Christmas. If your a fellow lover of book's had add a kindle to your wishlist, the reason for having mine. I don't have any storage space for any books so this is perfect. And you can download full books for free too. 

Bared to you & Reflected in you
By Sylvia Day
A Crossfire Novel

If your a fan of fifty shades these are the book's for you. 
Rich business man who owns a lot of the cities hot spots including a successful business. Gideon Cross meets Eva Tramell when she happens to bump into him when checking out her new job at his business. But Gideon can't forget her and neither can Eva. Brought together through love, hurt and demons of there own, can the relationship they want so much survive it all. These two book's your not going to want to put down.

Such a lovely romantic book, full of humour, hurt and betrayal. It's a fantastic read and very fifty shades. Of a fan of Christian Grey, i mean fifty shades, lol. This is that but a touch different.

Entwinded with you: A Crossfire Novel coming 9th of May 2013.
The third book in the Crossfire series.

You Had Me At Hello
By Mhairi Mcfarlane

Another romantic read. Rachel and Ben, have known each other since there uni days. Secretly in love but hiding there feeling's due to Rachel being in a relationship they don't confess until it's too late. Uni is almost over and there going there separate ways. One night before they go there separate ways until they meet up again, Rachel breaks up with her boyfriend. Ben admits his feelings to Rachel one night before they slip into bed together. Unexpectedly Rachel's ex turns up at the uni leaving do to sort things out, Ben does a runner. It's ten long years later and Rachel bumps into Ben one day after hes moved back up to Manchester. She's just broke up with her fiance after 13 years together and Ben is now married. But feeling's return and so does a broken heart. Can Rachel and Ben ever be friends again? or maybe something more. 

Yes i am a sucker for a good romance. And i hate it when it doesn't go the way i want it to end. This book is unexpected in many ways through out but got a surprise ending.

Thursdays In The Park
By Hilary Boyd

Jeanie as been married to George for 30 years, one day he leaves her bed and goes to another room where he stay's for ten years. Denying her any kind of love. One day a Thursday, Jeanie takes her granddaughter to the park, where she meets Ray in the park, he's kind, easy going and she find's herself opening up to him something she can't do with George. Thursday becomes her favourite day and the day she see's Ray.

This is a perfect read for the middle aged, a good romance.
I enjoyed it, some bit's were quirky and it was a real inside into the life of someone in a older generation and whether it's acceptable to be loved at sixty or older.

Yours Truly
By Kirsty Greenwood

Excluding the crossfire books, this was truly my favourite. A romantic comedy with lots of Laugh out loud moments, literally.
Natalie is a normal down to earth girl engaged and her family are a bunch of nutters. But she always keeps her thoughts to herself after all she doesn't want to hurt them. But one night after a pub visit to see a hypnotist with her best friend Meg. Natalie's world starts to unravel around her, unable to keep her mouth shut telling everyone the truth. Her wedding is called off and she end's up in a little Yorkshire village of Trooley trying to track down Brian the hypnotist. But Trooley as big secrets of it's own and Natalie find's herself stuck right in the middle of it, after a snow storm leaves them stranded. And facing up to reality that she's got to face the truths she's been avoiding her whole life, because Brian cannot be found.

Yesterday i downloaded some more book's.

Marriage by mistake by Alyssa Kress (Free)

A series -
The fallen Star (Free)
The underworld
The Vision
The Promise
All by Jessica Sorensen

I am going to read the series first then go on to the other book i downloaded which i am really excited about, because it's coming out on the big screen on Valentines day and it slightly reminds me of Fallen series by Lauren Kate (which i also love) is

Beautiful Creatures

This is also a series with the following sequals

Beautiful Darkness
Beautiful Chaos
Beautiful Redemption.

By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Reviews coming soon.


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