Wednesday 2 January 2013


Now i bring a few of my Lush products i received for Christmas.

I was never really a user of Lush before, the store never interested me and after wanting loads for Christmas, thanks to forever seeing it on my blog (News Feed) i have totally fallen in love and can't believe what i have been missing all this time. 

First up is -

Lush gorgeous facial moisturiser (Trial size 10g)

I got this in the Hello gorgeous boxset, which is available to buy from lush for £20.95 and comes with six fabulous treats to make you absolutely gorgeous inside and out. 

A lovely face cream, using the most effective ingredients also suitable for vegetarians. Nourishes, protects and rejuvenates your skin. I don't doubt it doesn't do it's job because my face felt lovely afterwards, but the smell is so unpleasant it puts me off using it again and again.

Lush Dark Angels - Exfoliating Scrub.

All you need is a small piece to a little water, to create a paste. Scrub face and rinse off it's that easy. This was a extra in my order. On applying this it comes straight to mind why it's in fact called Dark Angels because it's like washing your face with mud. Your face looks like you have been rolling in muddy water for hours but it goes when you rinse. I actually really like this and it smells lovely, like good old traditional english sweet colts foot rock lol.

Next up
Think Pink Bath Ballistic -

This was also in my hello gorgeous boxset unfortunatly the flowers fell out but oh well. A lovely bath fizzer it's perfect for you pink lovers, completely girly and fun. Once slipped into the bath the fizzer starts fizzing straight away turning the water an exotic pink/orange. Like the sun setting. And soon has a explosion of confetti hearts which is a magical bonus. You get a lot of product sad that it only lasts one bath but fun and very girly.

Some photos of it in the bath - 

Confetti hearts.

Fun Bar - In pink


Firstly i put this on my christmas list because i am such a big kid. And when looking at the fun bar online and the many shapes you can make squeezing it. Yes it's like a grown up version of play-doh for us beauty lovers. I just had to have it. The fun bar comes in five different colours pink which i got, blue, green, red and yellow. Each colour has a different scent. I just love these little rays of sunshine the multi-tasking you can do with them is amazing. I have only washed my body but according to lush you can, For body and hair, just pinch off a small bit, hop in the shower or bath and lather from head to toe. Use as a bubble bath or to hand wash your clothes by crumbling a small chunk under the hot running tap. Then when you have finished you can mold a shape together and have fun lol. I really am putting another on my birthday wish list in a different colour along with some more lush goodies. Because i am generally in love with them right now. It smells fruity, with a hint of candy.

Snow fairy shower gel

I can see why Snow Fairy is a best seller of 2012. A limited edition shower gel, and completely gorgeous. Pink with a touch of sparkle, it's for sure had a touch of the lush fairy. It smell's gorgeous like tutti frutti bubblegum. The smell stay's on the skin for a few hours. I got two 100g bottle's 100g is the smallest bottle out of three sizes, will be picking it up again next year if it's available.

Twilight Shower Gel -

I got 500g bottle which is a very generous size and the biggest of the three available. This was a limited edition shower gel so it's not available to buy anymore but fingers crossed for Christmas 2013 for them of you who didn't manage to snap it up and if you did in the sale what a bargain you got. This is fabulous for anyone wanting a relaxing bath after a hard day at work or just to relax before chilling out with a glass of wine in front of the telly for the night. The aroma is lavender and malt notes making it the perfect scent to relax. The smell is heavenly but i can't help but think at times i get a whiff of bonfire toffee smell. Maybe it's just me and my cold lol.

Party Popper bath ballistic - Is a celebratory tangerine and rose fizzer with melon soap confetti inside.

So the party popper was a best seller with lush for the festive season, but it kinda failed to impress me. Don't get me wrong, on applying to the bath water it's a magical sight with array of pinks and blues. As picture show's. But apart from that and the gorgeous citrus scent i didn't experience the wow factor and was disappointed with the surprise confetti. There wasn't much of a pink tone to my bath water either and i really do prefer the pink bath ballistic ball that's above. I got the party popper in the star dust gift set and got one use out of it.

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  1. Nice! I bought some items from Lush before, their bath bombs are really nice, xoxo.

    1. They do have some really nice stuff and everything smells so nice xx


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