Saturday 19 January 2013

Birch Box - January 2013

I signed up to Jolie Box due to She Said Beauty box deciding December 2012's box would be there last. Then Jolie Box decided to have a new name which was great as it felt i became apart of something new from the very beginning. Jolie Box is now the new Birch Box here from new york. 

This months Birch Box is labelled Fresh Start

 Many people say new year, new start. So what a great name to call the first box of the year. This is what i got -

  • Lifestyle Extra - Tea Pigs. I got Chamomile also available in peppermint or super fruit. Pack of 15 £3.49 - £3.99. (1)
  • Fresh - Sugar Rose Lip Treatment. A delicious treatment, which keeps lips flake free and soft. Plus there's a built in SPF 15. Full size £15.50. I got 2.2g 0.08oz (I think this might be a sample) I love this at the moment, just not enough to part £15.50 to purchase it. I love that as a lip treatment it leaves a hint of redness to my lips and leaves them feeling soft and smooth. 
  • Wei - Royal Ming firming and hydrating cream (4ml sample) Full size £74.00. This is inspired by a 600 year old recipe used by chinese courtesans, this supercharged cream contains, 18 herbs to address all signs of skin ageing. I just tried a little bit, my hands are neither greasy or oily feeling. They feel really smooth and hydrated, i can definitely smell the herbs which smell a touch like tobacco in all honesty. Do i really want to part with £74 for a hand cream though, bit on the high end when i can get soap and glory's hand food for less then a tenner. Glad to try a high end cream however it's a little out of my price range for a hand cream.

  •  Reverence De Bastien - Unguent for nail and cuticles. Full size £15.00 (I got 15ml) This is a french brand. Containing rich vitamin treatments this is guaranteed to keep your nails and cuticles strong and healthy between Manis. I am super excited to try this out, as a nail painter i find my nails and cuticles needing a bit of off time and some therapy. 
  • KMS California - ADD VOLUME Volumizing spray. Full size £14.85. Hair feeling flat? Mist the body-building spray through towel-dried hair, then style as usual. I am a little wary of using this, my sister applied some on her hand and it feels quite oily. Products like this worry me because i hate to wash my hair to apply to find i need to wash it again cause it looks greasy. I will try it sometime to let you all know what i think.
So that is what's available in the first Birch Box UK. The Products that appeal to me most are The nail/cuticle cream and Sugar rose lip treatment. I have seen a few different products available which i didn't get in my box which other subscribers would have. Had love to see your thoughts/reviews and what you have got. So if you have Birch Box, comment below and i will pop by! I am not entirely overwhelmed especially since it's the first box, but i am excited about two products above which is okay. I am going to check out February Box and then decided when i go from there with my subscription, i love receiving my box.

Has a She Said Beauty Box subscriber, she said beauty gave everyone who signed up to jolie/birch box the chance to get a trio of make up products if they did so by a certain date. This is one of the reasons i decided to sign up else i may not have bothered. This is what i got -

  • So Susan wide awake palette (£15.00)
  • Nail Girls London - (Small Bottle)
  • I love raspberry & blackberry shimmer & Shine Lipgloss

From left to right - 
Illuminating Cream, Highlighting cream & a
trio of eyebrow sculptors (Personally eye shadows)
Also a applicator brush and tweezers. With a mirror.

If you have been a Jolie Box subscriber i have seen that some people got these products in previous boxes. Would love to know your thoughts also.


  1. Looks like you got a great box :), xoxo.

  2. Oh I didn't know about that she said beauty offer looks really good! Gutted never mind eh. I really like the look of that nail and cuticle treatment wish I'd had it in my box. Great post xxx

    1. Aww what a shame. I am looking forward to trying the nail and cuticle treatment too. Thank you i will come by yours soon :) xx


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