Wednesday 16 January 2013

Mua Haul #3

Lipstick Shade 5 - Fluff & Cuddles, Fuzzy Fluff, Fluffy Bobbin
Eye Shadow Pearl 11 & 3

Swatches from Left to Right - Lipstick shade 5 & eye shadow Pearl 11 & 3 

The lipstick isn't the shade i thought it would be it looks nice enough but i am really unsure whether i suit this shade or not. I expected it to be a more orange tone like peach from revlon lip butters. But for a £1 you can't go wrong. The eye shadows were also £1 each and i love them. I haven't used the fur effect nail fluffs yet but have got my colours lined up that go with the colours i purchased. These were £3 each but are on offer at the moment but look out for the 50% sale mua will be having soon including free delivery (please bare in mine there is a limited spend to get free delivery this is usually £8 - £12) *WORLDWIDE PEOPLE*

When i got these their were a offer available if you spent £12 you get £20 worth of free make up from Famous Cosmetics which was a christmas present from MUA to there customers. Have never heard of famous until then.

Raw Shade 3 & Pillow Talk Shade 4
The shades were all picked at random and i do not suit either which is a shame as the lipsticks are worth £5 each.

Baked Bronze - I took a big pic of this because when i tried to swatch it the pigments were terrible i couldn't get no colour.

No Shine Face Powder

I haven't tried many of the famous products i will let you know it due course what i think. I do love the packaging from famous.

To shop at both Mua & Famous click the links -


  1. Great haul, let us know how you get on with the fluff's :), xoxo.

    1. Oh i will. Super excited to use these will dedicate posts to them. Have had these for a while shocked have not broke into them xx


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