Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Christmas with Kate ♥ Frame Again

 Frame Again are a newly found company famous for appearing on Dragons Den and turning down the offer given (The two selling their company and then working for Jessops) before raising the cash needed 24 hours later. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself, considering the idea came during in one of the owners attendance of a wedding. In fact I found reading up about the company very interesting - being a fan of photography, something frames go well with.

One of the owners kindly emailed me asking if I'd like the opportunity to see how the frames worked, having just come back off holiday I were wanting to print my photo's off and were happy to have been given the chance to frame one straight away. The website is pretty straight forward and easy in terms of choosing a frame. Frame again have a great selection of shades to choose from and a duo selection of colours they've chosen themselves. Choosing a photo was the hardest part, though, it was easy enough to upload and move around inside the frame template before settling on how it would appear when made. Got to give Frame Again credit for the finishing results it looks just like it did on the template if not better. 

The frame it's self is a decent size with a hole in the back allowing it to be hung on the wall. The frame is also magnetic (which is pretty awesome) giving you the chance to space a panorama shot in three frames. It's a little small to have on the wall alone but with a panorama shot or four for a square it'll look pretty jazzy. They told me on Twitter; 'I hate to say it but the more you have the better they look, now it’s time to start building a collection'. Haha. I have my heart set on 3 more in different shades. I'm thinking blue, red and orange to go with my baby pink one. Update: Since writing this post my Dad ordered me the 3 for my Christmas present.

I love the fact you can print off a picture and it gets delivered in a frame in no more then 48 hours - I got mine the next day. These are currently priced at £9.99 each but are usually £19.99. Being a fan of personalised gifts this is just perfect present, not just for Christmas but birthday's, anniversaries, weddings and so on.

Another post in my 'Christmas with Kate' gift guide. To see more Christmas inspired Gift Guide posts take a look in the Blog Archive for November and December 2014. 

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