Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Turkey, Marmaris Palace. My Holiday ☼

 I recently went on holiday to Turkey, staying at Marmaris Palace that sits between Marmaris and Icmeler. I have to say writing this post has given me major holiday blues. Looking back at the pictures just takes me back to the paradise I was fortunate enough to live in for a week. We had a few days of stormy weathers, rains and a torrential downpour at times, but we didn't let this spoil our holiday and I had the most amazing time. Let me tell you, I didn't want to come back. I swear I put on a stone, the food was so amazing. We were all inclusive and took advantage, especially at the desert table... just look at those deserts. My mouths watering just looking at the pictures. I haven't weighed myself cause I'm not to fussed about adding a couple of pounds to my frame but I've been eating quite well, or not so much, since being back. I think the over eating as made my appetite go - probably due to being fed up of eating. This was very much a relaxing holiday, we didn't take part in any activities apart from a lot of walking and just took our pace, relaxed and enjoyed the week. The weather was mainly amazing. The food... 5 stars. The staff were both welcoming and friendly, taking time out to get to know you, talk to us and interact with the children around the hotel. The hotels it's self was very spacious with 7 floors, 5 pools, shops, spa's, numerous bars and little apartment type buildings dotted around the resort. They were a go ape type activity, park, kids club, and even an ice skating rink. We spent a lot of time walking over to Icmeler which was just down the road from our hotel, we did so much shopping - everything is so cheap over there. Our hotel room was very spacious with the most amazing view of the sea. Waking up each morning to the sun rising was breathtaking and not something I'll being forgetting in an hurry.

I just had the most incredible time, and took the most beautiful pictures. I love photography and taking the most stunning of pictures with great scenery. We're already in talks to go back next year, but for longer. I'll never go to the same place more then twice because I want to see the world. 

Sorry it's picture heavy but I hope you like seeing a glimpse of my holidays.

Image source: Owned by Me. Taken by Me. For use of images please contact me at Thank you.
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