Thursday 6 November 2014

Makeup Revolution | Awesome Dual Brow

I hope I'm not the only one who's news feed on Facebook is stacked up with numerous new releases from Makeup Revolution. Those guys are in serious need of a extra, long, holiday! Not that I'm complaining... I've never seen a brand deliver newbies so fast in my life, and the new products are spot on. Awesome Dual Brow is just one in a long list.

Ultra brow arch & shape comes housed in the usual black glossy packaging and pretty rose gold font on the front. From a distance it looks like a pen. A decent size but easy enough to pop in your handbag in case you need a top up, which, I assure you, you won't. On one end is a soft, super pigmented brow pencil and on the other side a very fine felt tip. The brow pencil is perfect for filling in your eye brows. Where as the felt tip is there for defining your eye brows, giving them a shape and creating an almost HD finish.

I didn't find the felt tip to be to pigmented. I don't know whether this is because I apply my foundation first, before doing my brows, leading to the tip of the pen to be covered in foundation and possibly drying it out a little. It did shape my eye brows but it wasn't intense like I'd hope. However, I am so impressed with the brow pencil. This is the perfect match for my eye brows, like a complete match and I love it. The pencil is super easy to work with, fills my brows in perfectly and actually lasts all day. I love even more that your able to twist more product out and for £3.50 it's so cheap. I'd purchase it for the brow pencil alone. I got the shade dark but this is also available in 3 other shades; fair, medium and darkest.

PR sample sent for review purposes.  


  1. I've never heard of Makeup Revolution before, but this sounds like a great product

    Made in Mauve

  2. This sounds really good for the price, I may give it a go this weekend. :)

  3. I use Benefits Browzings on my brows and have done for years! I’m always curious to try new things though!

  4. Fantastic review x its a shame the felt tip wasn't as pigmented as your hoped but great that the pencil is amazing!
    Sophie Jenner

    1. Definitely, and for the price you can't complain x


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