Wednesday 12 November 2014

Love, Rosie ♥

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 Love, Rosie is one of those films that I saw the trailer and instantly wanted to watch it. Not only being a fan of Lily Collins since watching The Mortal Instrument, but being a mega fan of any cheesy, romantic comedy. 

 Love, Rosie is about two best friends who have been best friends for such a long time. Whist they grow and go through the likes of getting hormones and feelings it's clear to see their feelings for one another are growing, especially since that first kiss at a party. Of course, Rosie pretends it's a mistake and goes on about the hot guy asking for her to accompany him to prom and Alex (male lead) the same. The night of prom see's Rosie end up in hospital and a few months later finding out she's pregnant, leaving Alex unknown about the situation and on his way to America. 12 years fly by where it's hit and miss between the two with either them both in relationships or one single, whilst the other is taken. Rosie even gets married, followed by Alex. Until the very end...

 Love, Rosie had everything going for it. Let me tell you I've never laughed so much. Lily and Sam (her co-star) have the most amazing chemistry, with half of them not even acting making the film. It was based along ten or twelve years, which showed Rosie's (Lily) daughter grow considerably and Rosie age very well. Not going to lie, the film was so predictable - and that's without me reading the book - and though I was happy it went the way it did because I'm a sucker for a good romance, I'd of liked to have seen more of the romance. When the romance came, it kinda, sort of ended on a disappointing note. The humour way amazing, laugh out loud funny.


  1. I lov me a cheesy film every now and then too haha x
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    1. I don't think anyone would be normal if they didn't lol. I love cheesy, peeping over the covers, feel good films! x

  2. Aw I want to see this too, I love romantic films! Love Lily Collins too she's so pretty! Abi :)

    1. I don't think you'll be disappointed. I want to see more of Rosie and Alex. I think they should do a sequel x

  3. You are not alone, I also want to see this he he

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