Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas with Kate ♥ My Wishlist

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 With Christmas just round the corner - a little over a month in fact - I thought it was time I started putting in some 'Christmas inspired' posts. What better way to start then with my own Christmas Wishlist, hopefully to give you some Christmas inspiration and ideas of your own (not that we all have the same tastes). Not going to lie, I have much more then this on my list but thought I'd better limit myself. I also have had a few other things bought for me that weren't on my list, that I chose, and I know of a few of these that I will be receiving off the big man in red. 

 Most of my list is full of books. I know that I'm getting The Maze Runner (loved the film) and I'm also getting the last 3 of the stand-alone Sophie Kinsella books (I haven't even read 2 of the 3 that I already own). I hope my list gives you some inspiration for yourself or those you send to. Pretty proud at myself for hardly giving beauty a thought, haha. My list tends to be split by my boyfriend between our families, so I can justify having so much on my list (something I keep telling myself anyways). I don't expect everything, or anything. I also recently discovered some frames I'd really like, just 3. Argh! To many nice things on the market. What's on your wish list for Christmas?

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