Thursday 30 July 2015

The World of Beatrix Potter at Lake Windermere

 Lake Windermere is one of my favourite places in the whole world. I'd definitely pay good money to get married here in the future - Just imagine the photo's. The whole place is so picturesque with scenic views looking over and beyond the lake. I've wrote about the lakes on more than one on occasion, but a reason to visit is another reason to write about it. This time we experienced new surroundings, different walks and made a visit to The World of Beatrix Potter.

 I've visited The World of Beatrix Potter before, when I was about 14 and I've got to say it's a lot smaller than I remember it being. Saying that, it's not a place you care to visit once a year so it's well worth a visit if you are already up or around Lake Windermere - after all Beatrix Potter was and still is such a big part of the lakes. I'm a bit of a big kid when it comes to things like this and love experiencing and learning about anything to do with characters, books or even films, and I loved the film of Beatrix Potter.

 Outside is the gorgeous Peter Rabbit Gardens. It's not a very big garden, but it's so pretty. I snapped a few exclusive shots that are already on my Instagram account (@ABritishSparkle).

 The woman herself who made all those characters come alive in her own way.

 What's a visit to the lakes without a stroll around the lake? This time we discovered a whole new path to walk down and it was even nicer than where all the action is going on. I'm taking a picnic next time.

 The World of Beatrix Potter is super affordable with prices only being £18.50 for a family of 4. I recommend taking part in the activity booklets given to children and reading every bit of information available in order to prolong your visit and get your moneys worth - once it's started it's over before you know it. Make sure you bring extra cash to spend in the gift shop where I guarantee you will want to buy something. Prices are reasonable and despite not buying anything on this occasion I did when I last visited the lakes, even though I didn't even go in the museum. I did purchase a little memento of this trip from the local sweet shop and that will be in an upcoming haul (Clue: It's relating to Beatrix Potter - Surprise Surprise).

If you aren't interested in Beatrix Potter museum you should definitely visit the lakes, it's one of the most beautiful places in the UK.


  1. I'm going to the lake district with my friends in 3 weeks time and I didn't know this was even here! I doubt I could drag my 8, 18 year old friends with me there but I remember reading the books when I was younger! I'm defiantly going to walk around the lake, it looks so beautiful! How was the weather out there because I've always been told it rains a lot but in your pictures it looks lovely :D Emma xx

    1. I went with 2 children so I could get away with it. Saying that they were about 40 tourists from china of about 18 years of age.

      It's such a beautiful place. The weather was fine, it rained a little bit, but it was a 30 second shower and was sunny for the rest of the day. I go regularly and never been before when it's poured down, a little bit of spit at most but mainly sunny. Have fun xx

  2. Hehe I have just been here today!! Lovely pictures though, come and visit me in the Lake District, I live on the outskirts! xD xx

    elizabeth | ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | follow for a follow!

    1. Your very lucky to live in such a beautiful place. I love the lakes :) xx

  3. I've never been but it looks like a place I would love to visit :)

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