Saturday, 18 July 2015

NEW Zoella Fresh Fizz Bar | The Tutti-Frutti Range

 I always think it's great to see bloggers / vloggers (people like me and you) achieve such great success. Whether that's bringing out a book, starring in a movie or bringing out a beauty range like Zoe. I've followed Zoe greatly amongst her various social media and Youtube channels and were really happy to hear she was releasing a beauty range. The packaging it self screams Zoe and instantly reminds me of her blog, which makes it easy to tell she had a huge input in this range. For me, personally, I couldn't justify spending money on the bath bits and pieces - having got a cupboard full - but one thing I lack in are bath fizzers. So when the time came I picked up the Zoella Fizz Bar and I loved it. Recently Latest in Beauty opened their first ever beauty awards for 2015 and the fizz bar was up amongst the picks for new product and it was a definite winner for me. When choosing your 'dream picks' it is in fact the fresh fizz bar that was up for grabs, and I couldn't wait to add it to my box. 

 The Fresh Fizz Bath Bomb is a new addition to the newly release tutti-frutti range from Zoella Beauty. It's got the same price, a new scent and packaged differently, and rather than eight pieces there's four rather chunky ones imprinted with Z's and bows. This range as got a really fresh, summery scent that's not overly strong but nice enough and spreads round the room once it's hit the bath. Once it's hit the bath water it dissolves quickly and turns the water a cloudy colour. It's in no terms on any scale of Lush or Bomb Cosmetics but it's pleasant enough and you get 4 baths out of it at £1.25 a pop. Apart from the packaging I much prefer the original Zoella fizz bar and find the scent is much stronger and lasts a lot better. 

You can pick up the Zoella Beauty range from Superdrug or Feelunique (that offer worldwide delivery) with prices starting from £3. The Fizz Bars are £5 each.

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