Tuesday 21 July 2015

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ENJOY SUMMER ON A BUDGET - Evening you beautiful people. I hope you are all very well? I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago when I thought British Summer time had hit us. Of course it did hit us in typical British style and the sunshine didn't last very long at all! Hopefully the sun and heat decide to return and we're able to raid our Summer wardrobes once more. I've been exploring some beautiful countryside at late and I thought I'd share some of the places that cost next to nothing to go for the day. If you're ever around the Lancashire area or looking for a staycation then you're in for a treat.

 It's quite surprising the beautiful places that outskirt the area you are from or live in. Barley is a place I've visited on many occasions but I've only ever walked up Pendle Hill twice and honestly, for those views, it's well worth the sweat, achy feet and all-most getting hit in the head by an hand-glider. A side note: wear sensible shoes. This is something I never do and I never learn my lesson either. Barley is a very small village with a little stream, a small park and a couple of eateries. It's nice for those days you just want to relax, enjoy the sunshine and maybe a picnic with family or friends. However, if you like walking there's plenty of those around.

 Bolton Abbey is a place I've visited on many occasions and a place I continue to love. It's just so pretty to look at, and well worth going to if you're a keen photographer because the shots you can get are just out of this world. I've mentioned Bolton Abbey on my blog before, but I thought I'd mention it again - not only for new followers, but I also did a different walk this time and saw some new beauty spots. Bolton Abbey is definitely one of those places you want to visit and spend the whole day, especially if it is a sunny one. There's so many walks to experience and many beauty spots to see. Even if you aren't one for walking it's just nice to go down and have a barbecue or a picnic, play a bit of badminton and just spend time with your loved ones. If you don't want to cook there's a cafe situated at each of the 3 car parks. Parking is £8, which does seem quite pricey (if you think about how much it costs to go to a theme park it's not actually that bad) or split it per head, so in my family it would be £2 each.You can also park at any of the 3 car parks once the £8 is paid.

The walk I did this time was the Valley of Desolation. Honesty, when I heard the name I had all sorts of crazy jazz running through my brain... is this where I will meet my end, etc etc. Like seriously, it sounds like an horror film. But the end result couldn't of been more beautiful.

 Ending the day with an ice cream is a must and Billy Bobs Ice Cream Parlour do the best ice cream in Yorkshire. I think I've mentioned Billy Bobs before, but if you missed it I'll give you the low down. Basically, Bill Bobs is an American inspired diner, it's perfect for couples, families or even a girly lunch with plenty to eat and plenty of play. When you walk in it's like you've gone back in time to the 50's it's very Greece (apart from the clothing) and the music is a perfect match. It's widely popular, especially in the holidays and at weekends (booking a table is a must and this can be done online). There's a huge, wooden play ground out front that's free, but for the barn it's £1 per child. When I visited this time (during the week) it's the quietest I'd ever seen it and they were still plenty of people around. The food is delicious and the ice cream is out of this world - I chose double choc chip and peanut butter. 

I recently took a trip to Llandudno, North Wales and it was just beautiful. To see more sneak peak pics of where I've been exploring follow my Instagram at @abritishsparkle. There's places I visit that don't always get uploaded to my blog. 

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If you want to visit Valley of Desolation and would like more instructions in finding it then please leave a comment below - After the first wooden gate there's no sign posts around and it's easy to walk straight past it (like I did).   


  1. I actually think you can't beat the British countryside! I'm moving to the country in a few weeks and can't wait to be surrounded by amazing views! Love your photos. x

  2. such beautiful photos! The countryside is wonderful


  3. Looks like you had a lovely time enjoying the sun and countryside :) My boyfriend and I are always struggling for places to go on days out so we'll definitely have to visit some of the places you have mentioned! I especially like the sound of Billy Bobs Ice Cream Parlour! x

    1. It comes highly recommend by me. If you are around the area than I recommend booking The Garden Kitchen for afternoon tea... so good. I think it's in Clitheroe x

  4. Gorgeous pics! Was at Northcote last summer lovely area x


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