Monday 6 July 2015

Makeup Revolution ♥ Mermaids Forever Ultra Eyeshadows Palette

Almost unheard of me to go a month without doing a Makeup Revolution post, but that's just how long it's been. I haven't done a review post since May on Makeup Revolution. Today I am back with the Mermaids Forever palette and it's an absolute stunner. It's got a lot of shimmer, which won't be to everyone's cup of tea, but for me, personally, I love shimmery shades more than matte. This palette is only what I can describe as an explosion of colour and there's lot of vibrant, bright shades and a couple of more wearable nudes.

This palette comes with an impressive 32 shades and costs just £8.

I really love the shade name choices. There's a real mystical, magic feel about them and it certainly reminds me of The Little Mermaid and a couple of other fantasy creatures: Unicorns and Dragons to name a few.

First Row
Second Row
Third Row
Fourth Row

For the most part the shades are very impressive and have great pigmentation. Some of the lighter shades will make great base colours or for highlighting the brow bone or inner corner of the eye. It's definitely not a palette I reach for often, but there's certainly some shades in there that will be great for daytime looks or a dramatic smokey eye. Not sure if any of you watched, but one weekend on Britains Got Talent Amanda Holden's makeup artist created the most gorgeous, mermaid eye look. They were lots of blues and silvery shades and I definitely think you could recreate that look using this palette.

Over all I really like the colour choice and it'll be my go-to palette when I fancy a dramatic, fun colourful look.

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  1. So many shades!!! I wish I knew how to do coloured eye make up! The mermaid look you mentioned sounded so cool!!xx

    1. I attempt to do cool makeup looks, but I can never do the looks makeup artists create, or I attempt to but it never ends up the way it should look lol. The one Amanda had was so gorgeous xx

  2. Dang! Look at all those colors; there's such a range. I really like Ariel on the skin. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Ariel is really pretty. I can't wait to attempt a look with it x

  3. Wow, so much colour! I'm not that into colourful eyeshadows but I think this one would be a great pickup if I ever had to go to a themed party! Great swatches too :) x

    1. Yeah, I totally agree. Not one for every day looks, but if you're feeling adventurous it's well worth picking up x

  4. Oh wow this is like eye shadow heaven right there, so many great choices!

    Much love xxx

  5. An absolutely amazing and unique palette. I could do with more blues and greens in my collection.


  6. Great choices. Those are super pretty x

  7. What a nice palette! I like all the colors! :D

  8. This is such a pretty palette, so many nice colours but I think I would struggle to use them.

    Tasha xxx


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