Sunday 2 August 2015

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon in Hawaiian Smoulder

I've never tried any of the Burt's Bees makeup range before and I feel like I've really been missing out. I got this lip crayon last month in the Latest in Beauty 'Dream Picks' and I definitely made the right decision by choosing it. Burt's Bees likes to use natural ingredients in they're products and the lip crayon is no exception - with this being 100% natural.

There's 6 shades to choose from and I was given Hawaiian Smoulder. The swatch is very deceiving compared to how it looks on the lips. On first impressions I was thinking of a nudey pink... a better than lips lip colour. I couldn't of been more wrong. On the lips it's a really beautiful pink toned lip crayon that's super flattering with my pale skin tone. It's not a brighter than brighter but rather a toned down pink and quite warm looking.

I really like this and have been wearing it quite a bit recently. It's got quite a good staying power and lasts 3/4 hours depending on eating and drinking. I feel it starts off glossy and eventually dries into a matte lip. This is great for all you matte lip lovers, and I personally love it too, but for people with a dry lip this will definitely be an issue. I tried it on my Mum, who suffers from dry lips, and it ended up a little bumpy and not nice looking. I recommended her trying a lip scrub from lush and trying application again, this will hopefully get rid of any dead skin cells and remove the dryness from her lips. These are described as a creamy matte lip and I couldn't describe it any better myself. 

I really really like this product and can't recommend it enough. I'm definitely hoping to pick up a couple more shades. These are £8.99 each and available from Feel Unique and Ulta.


  1. When I think of Burt's Bees I immediately think of nourishing lip balms so it's surprising to see that this doesn't work so well on dry lips. The creamy matte formula is probably why though and I guess it could be forgiving since it lasts quite a while on the lips. I love the shade too, very pretty x

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    1. It just made my Mum's lips look flaky. It was fine on me x

  2. 'Hawaiian Smoulder' sounds so exotic! The colour looks so natural, yet beautiful :D xx

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