Monday 17 August 2015

Artisan Kitchen & Bar - Review

 Me and my partner set a date, found ourselves a babysitter and decided to enjoy some 'us' time - something that doesn't happen very often, and if you are a parent you'll know these days are hard to come by. Our place of choice was Manchester. We decided to do a spot of shopping and go out for some dinner, or lunch for you southerners. Despite being in close proximity to Manchester, we've not really experienced much of the fine dining that Manchester has to offer. We did go somewhere fancy around Christmas Market period, a couple of years ago, and it was on the main high street. The rather trendy Artisan Kitchen & Bar was recommended to us my some friends and we went along to hunt it down. It's situated on Avenue North (near all the designer shops) and I was surprised to see just how much the area had changed, having attended Manchester Fashion Week with Missguided several years ago. In fact Artisan was in the very same building and back then it was nothing more than a newly built building and a rather empty shell, a building site. A good few years later and it's been transformed (see pic above).

 Artisan is a very trendy looking restaurant and bar, the interior is to die for with it's walls right back to the brick work. It's very understated, but works so well and I personally just loved it. It was very Instagram / Pinterest worthy.

 The food menu is full of so many delicious dishes. It's an easy, readable menu with enough choices to suit the whole family, but not to many that your up to your eye balls and don't know what to choose. I were going to go all out but in the end decided to go for a simple burger and chips, I say simple but it was probably the best burger I've ever ate. I asked for my burger to be medium done and it was done perfectly. It was garnished with salad, gherkins and melted cheese, and put on a crusty bread roll. The chips were crinkle cut and tasted just like seabrooks crisps, and the salsa was the perfect touch. It wasn't the cheapest of meals at £10.95 and an extra £1.50 for the cheese.

 I drank had a Frappé with my dinner, however, I'm unsure which is it because I asked for the chocolate orange one and this didn't even have an hint of orange in it. It was still really tasty though. 

For a treat or date I'd highly recommend. It's not the cheapest of restaurants but the food is really good and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Do you recommend any restaurants in Manchester for me to try?  

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  1. I know that burgers are not the most healthy food, but I love them truly!!!

    Pearl in Fashion

  2. Loving the interior of this place. The frappe looks fab even though it may be a mystery one ;)

    UK Lifestyle Blog


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