Monday 24 August 2015

Manchester Splurge - Clothing, Primark & For My Entertainment | Haul Part 2

 Hello, beautiful people. I hope you're all well? 

I mentioned a little while ago, in a haul post, my recent splurge in Manchester. I bought quite a bit and felt it was way to much to fit into one post so, I decided to split it into a a little series and this is the second part of my haul. If you missed part 1 of my haul you can see that here

By the time you read this I'll have jetted off to some exotic location. Only kidding, it's Turkey, but it'll guarantee better weather than what we are currently experiencing in the UK. Turkey is such a beautiful country - I love holidaying there. I went to Manchester on the hunt for a couple of t-shirts. I didn't want anything overly expensive, just something cheap, cheerful, and something that was thin enough that I wouldn't ending up feeling like I'd been barbecued. I find H&M have a really great selection of clothing at such affordable prices and managed to pick four tee's up for £7.99 each. My boyfriend chose the simple and plain ones, and I chose the other two. New York was an obvious choice because it's my favourite city, and I fell in love with the this love imprinted tee that is shaped out in the form of a snake - It's like a metallic, copper type tone.  

 What's a haul without more essentials. I needed to stock up on a few bits for my holiday (minus the bubble bath). I'm really loving Bodycare (the shop) right now and so, so happy that they have now opened a store in my home town. You're sure to pick up a bargain or 2 and never leave empty handed on a visit in store. I picked up the Rimmel waterproof mascara in Wilkinsons. I also grabbed a fun bar in Lush. I went in for the Godmother Soap and they didn't seem to have any in, which makes me think this may be a winter exclusive? I went for the pink fun bar because it's my favourite scent and reminds me of snow fairy.
I'm a huge fan of the Divergent Series and was so happy to come home to find Insurgent waiting for me, at the front door, on the day of release. I loved the books and the first film was really good.

 I feel about Harry Potter how most feel about Disney.

HP merch isn't as easy to come by as Disney but whenever I'm in Primark there's always something Potter related, and I ended up really indulging this time. All clothing below is from Primark.

Nightwear - Top £5 // Bottoms £7

 HP Socks £2.50 // HP Slippers £4 // Floral Slippers £2.50

 Belt £3.00

Socks £3 // Sweet vanilla & coconut candles £1.30

 Another love of mine is Eeyore. I also grabbed some candles to put in my new copper tealight holders (see previous haul for more on them).

If you want to check out part 1 of my haul you can do here.
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  1. The Harry Potter stuff is awesome! I'll have to keep my eye out for them.

  2. Godmother soap has been discontinued :-(

  3. I love Primark candle scents I just wish they made the room smell more. I love Primark for Disney 7 HP merch and I have those HP bars! I was given a Lush fun bar and I just don't know what to do with it at all haha.
    -- // xo


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