Monday, 23 March 2015

A Sophie Kinsella Duo - Book Review

My Sophie Kinsella book addiction is swiftly coming to an end. Over the last couple of months I've read 5 out of 6 of the stand-alone books Sophie's wrote. I still have one to read, but decided it was time to start reading The Maze Runner series before the second film is released in September, and with 4 in the series it may take some time. My favourite is I've Got Your Number, a read I highly recommend.

The Undomestic Goddess - Samantha is a lawyer living in London. She works all hours, doesn't have a personal life and cares only about the partnership she's on her way to getting. It's not long until working all hours catch up with her, one that costs her her career. In a state of shock and the partnership down the drain, Samantha get's on a train and finds herself in the middle of nowhere. She's no idea where she is, and without any signal and a few to many drinks it's likely she won't be going anywhere soon. That's until the morning after the night before Samantha finds herself waking up in a strange bed and remembers she's accepted a maids job. Not only does she now have to pretend to be a maid, she'll have to learn to cook, clean, change beds and serve to the people of the house, all whilst doing curtseys and falling in love with the gardner.

 I started The Undomestic Goddess after a girl recommended it to me on Instagram. Being the fan of Sophie Kinsella I am I already had it on my book shelf. I felt the book had quite a slow start. I was a quarter way through before I really got into it, and that's when the gardner started to get more and more involved. I think my problem is comparing everything to my beloved I've Got Your Number, and so far, it's been hard to beat. It was a good read, just not a great read.

Wedding Night - It's all gone wrong with the man Lottie thought was Mr Right. Out of the blue she gets a call from her first love. Heartbroken and feeling crazy Lottie decides it must be fate, and rushes off to marry him and rekindle their romance. Lottie sister, however, can't believe that she's doing something so reckless. Without a second thought she plans on stopping this marriage.

I really preferred wedding night to The Undomestic Goddess. It was a lot easier to get into. I liked the plot and how the chapters were wrote from two people's perspective, what they are going through and how they are feeling. It was a refreshing, light hearted read with plenty of funny moments. It's quite the learning curve.

Hope you've all had a fab weekend and great start to the week. By now I'd of got my laptop out and read and commented to lots of posts, unfortunately, I've had a hectic weekend and also got a poorly boy so haven't had chance to yet. Hopefully tomorrow. X

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