Thursday, 15 January 2015

New Look Sales & O.P.I Haul

Thought I'd start off this post with a beautiful scenic view. I just love the scenic views that surround my home town. I went on a walk yesterday with my little one in the snow, this is literally just down the street. Guess it's just a little cheery after the sad news we've had today. Anyways, I'm back with a mini haul from the New Look Sales and O.P.I - enjoy.

You may or may not have see my Instagram post of this bag way back in (around) October. When I spotted this in New Look I instantly fell in love. It was a bargain price at £17.99 so when I saw it in the sale for just £8.00 I quickly added it to my cart. It's colour blocked and the shades are just perfect for Autumn and Winter but with the bright pink colour block I think it'll fit into Spring and Summer quite well. I've wanted a satchel bag for ages. 

What's a new bag without a new purse. I was back and forth when deciding which to get but I finally settled upon this black contrast leopard print  purse. It was down from £9.99 to just £5.00. 

It's insane how different this bag can look in different lights. Navy blue in natural light, purple when a camera flash is used and black in other lights. It is, however, purple. This is the snakeskin texture clutch  bag. This was originally £12.99 down to only £3.00. I've wanted a going out bag for a while and this is just perfect. The fact the handle comes off is also a huge bonus.

I'm a huge fan of bracelets and this set is so pretty, especially the one with the added ribbon. This was originally £5.99 down to just £2.00.

This was an absolute steal. My bargain of this whole. This was originally £29.99 down to just £4.00, yes, just £4.00. This was the petite range and is just the most beautiful kimono. Can definitely be worm casual or formal. The roses are a velvet material. This is available in sizes 8, 10 and 12 here

This came to an original cost of £76.95 down to £22.00 with free delivery to the store. I'm so pleased with my purchases.

After seeing swatches of the fifty shades of grey collection I knew I had to pick it up. I couldn't justify getting the large bottle due to my excessive nail polish collection so opted for the mini bottles. It's a gorgeous collection. From L-R; Dark Side of The Mood, Romantically Involved, Cement the Deal, Embrace the Gray, My Silk Tie and Shine for Me. This was just over £15.00

You can see my other January sales haul here. What did you get in the sales?

Just wanted to inform you that I currently have no internet data left due to my boyfriend getting an IPad for Christmas and downloading bits and bobs. I'm currently using a mixture of my phone and tablet to blog which is time consuming as well as hard work. Photo quality may also be a little ropey cause I have know choice then to take them on my phone, Bluetooth them across and I also have no editing software.

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