Monday 12 January 2015

A Duo By Lindsey Kelks - A Girl Series

Lindsey Kelk is a brilliant writer, like on a Sophie Kinsella scale. I've only read this duo but I tell you, it will have you crying with laughter because it certainly did with me. Tess is the lead character and it totally likeable, easy to relate to and does things on a whim like me. For example; I decided the other day I was going to get my boyfriend the most amazing Valentines Day present. Yes, it's a while off yet, but this present, it had to be bought now and this was buying this particular thing quite late. It's totally unromantic and cost a bomb, which is why my other half was freaking out, but when he see's what it is he'll forgive me.

About a girl and What a girl wants are such great books. Tess has always been a girl with a plan. But lately those plans haven't been going the way they are suppose to go. Tess suddenly finds herself out of a job, accidentally answering a phone call belonging to someone else and on a plane to Hawaii pretending to be Vanessa, her horrible flat mate. Tess is soon up to her eyeballs in lies, falling for a man she wasn't suppose to fall for and in a whole lot of trouble. The secret is out, everyone knows she's Tess and she's on a plane back to England. The only problem is her long-time crush Charlie wants to start up a business and maybe even a relationship, but Tess doesn't love Charlie like that anymore and she just can't seem to get Nick out of her head. 

I highly recommend these reads. If you're a fan of chick flicks, romance and Sophie Kinsella you'll really love these. And the great news is these are to be a 3 book series so, there's more of Tess to come.

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  1. I keep seeing these books around but have yet to read them. I think I'll have to get myself on Amazon after I've finished Les Misérables. I will definitely need a good book to laugh with after this.

    Juyey xx


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