Thursday, 22 January 2015

If I Stay - Movie Review

Image source: Google Images

It's most unusual for me to write a review on a film that came out ages ago. It's only recently that I've managed to watch it myself. Everyone one, and there mother, brother, auntie and dog may or may not have seen this, or even read the book, but it had such an impact on me I just thought I'd give it a little mention.

 If I stay is one of those films that starts off heartwarming, all happy families, gorgeous boyfriend, lovely house and then it get's sad, devastating and heartbreaking, yet at the same time kind of lovely. I grew up watching the same films everyone else cried at and didn't lose a tear, I swear I had a heart of stone until I became a Mum and then my hormones changed, I became much more sensitive and now when I watch a film with others, I'm not sat there thinking 'why are they crying', I'm crying with them. Except on this occasion I was in bed, whilst my boyfriend snored away... so rock and roll. I've not cried so much watching a film since I watched The Fault in our Stars. If I stay is a beautiful film, Chloe Moretz did an incredible job and without giving anything away I highly recommend this film.

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