Tuesday 28 January 2014

StyleLux - Quickmax Eyelash Growth Enhancer | Review

When I was asked to review this, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that the answer was yes. I apply a lot of mascara on a daily basis so for a serum that helps enhance my lashes and creates thicker lashes in just 7 days sounded fantastic*. 

To apply, you apply to the root of your lashes. Wait two minutes for it to absorb then wash away.

I'm a little wary of products that go near the eye but this was completely fine and caused no irritation at all. I did however only use the serum on the top section of my eye lashes. The serum is clear based and comes with a very thin brush to apply. The bottle is quite small and you get 5ml of product. Quickmax is available for £24.95 here.

I didn't notice much difference length wise (this maybe due to using mascara all the time and not taking a real interest in the length of my eye lashes) but I did notice that my eye lashes appeared thicker with more volume only a few days in (with mascara removed). I'm fairly impressed with the claims of thicker lashes and mine certainly appear thicker with more volume. I'm going to keep more of an eye on the length and update you all on twitter - feel free to follow me at @ABritishSparkle.


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