Sunday 12 January 2014

Book Takeover Sunday | Josie Day is Coming Home By Lisa Plumley

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At time of purchase Josie Day Is Coming Home was free from Amazon for Kindle.

Josie she's a showgirl living life in Las Vegas, that was until she came across a wealthy lady chocking on a martini olive during one of her show's and came to the mystery woman's rescue, non other then casino owner Tallulah Carlyle. Tallulah wants to thank her and with it she ends up leaving Las Vegas, finding herself back in her small home town of Donovan's corner, Arizona, a place she's not visited since leaving all those years ago when she was just a teen. Her reward brought her back in the name of a lovely little Mansion on the outskirts of town. With a passion for dance and her Showgirl days seemingly behind her, she grabs her passion with both hands on hope of opening her dance school in the mansions ball room but unknown to her the local (who she thinks) care taker, Luke Donovan fixing up the place on her arrival is in fact the owner of the mansion, ready to sell to open up his own garage, something Luke doesn't plan on telling Josie anytime soon.

My thoughts
This a light hearted, heart warming story about a showgirl who wants more for her life, that still involves dancing but sharing her passion with others. Little does she know that the mansion Tallulah gave her is in fact Luke's. Tallulah has forgot due to her age and short memory, Luke is also Tallullah' nephew. With Luke wanting answers and with Tallulah away, he doesn't plan on coming clean to Josie until he gets the answers he needs and allows Josie to go about her plans of fixing up the mansion for her dance school even though he will eventually sell it for something he's passionate about too. Luke is in fact from a wealthy background but his rich father doesn't get Luke's passion for fixing up cars and wants him to live a life of business, therefore Luke walked out and wants to make a living for himself. Along the way, Josie and Luke find themselves having a lot in common with passion for what they want from their careers, their both witty and not afraid to say exactly what they think. I find it really lovely reading about these two's relationship unfolding in the book with natural chemistry, funny banter that will have you smiling and maybe even the occasional laugh. The two main characters are really likeable. They both help one another over a series of events like Josie befriending the locals once again due to their hatred of her due to rumours surrounding her showgirl days and Luke's garage idea. Along the way they fall in love, but unlike other books it really unfolds over the story and with so many little lies that have not been told from Luke, are they meant to be? You'll have to read it to find out.
 Score 5/5 - Definitely upload this fantastic freebie if you have a kindle.
Truth be told, I've had this book downloaded to my kindle for quite sometime and it was one of those that just was there, untouched for ages because I thought it would be one of those typical novels that were nothing special. How wrong was I!


  1. I think the same way about some novels and then surprise myself by enjoying the book so much, xoxo.

    1. I do half of the time. Love a lot of freebies on kindle and its introduced me to a lot or authors xx

  2. This sounds like such a heart warming story, we'll have to add this to our to read list! Have you read anything else by Lisa Plumley?

    1. It really is and the story is really light hearted and heart warming to see someone put somebody elses needs before his own. And I just love the chemistry and banter between the two.

      I haven't read any else from Lisa this is the first but I'm definitely going to look into others. She's a best seller :) x


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