Sunday 5 January 2014

Book Review #8

Another day another series of books to review. Book geek here!

I'm here to write a review. I should tell you what it's about but I don't have the energy to write it up. But if you want to look for it on Google check out goodreads and it's also free to download to Kindle. (was at time of writing) Now this is wrote with teens in mind. I found the book lacked a lot. I read on because I always finish a book once I start, despite the quick read it seemed to drag on. I also found it to be repetitive and boring. Yes it was a journey of believing in god which was nice to read, but the book isn't arousing especially when it's a 15 year old and a 18 year old falling in love. I'm sorry to the author (I'm sure they have wrote many great books) but I can't recommend this book unless your just starting out on the reading ladder. Score 2/10. - Free
Now this is my sort of read. Typical business man wanting revenge on his ex girlfriend because of something her father did 12 years ago.  Okay it seems like a long time to wait to get revenge and also a long time to still get butterflies over someone who you've not seen since then. But Ellie and Carter still do and are passionate as if they've never ever been apart. You'll find this quite touching, passionate and watch Ellie fight her fears to be with the man she's always loved. You'll find Carter turn into a little controlling hypocrite who doesn't want to be like his father but ends up being anyways but only ever so slightly before he realises just how far he's pushing Ellie. Saying that both characters are likeable and I found this to be a enjoyable read. Not fifty shades enjoyable it's a downgraded a couple of notches compared to that. But I'd love to see more of the authors work. Score 8/10. - Free

Brittany is a book editor on a low wage, she's 24 not settled down and feeling a little depressed with life. So decides the only answer is a cat, something to keep her company on them lonely nights. So whilst searching the paper for a second job she comes around a job ad and applies little does she know it's her crush Ethan. Ethan is a playboy who's temporarily blinded after an accident whilst on his horse. Brittany doesn't know that until she goes to the interview and lands the job. Brittany starts out by being not confident in the slightest that all changes whilst reading books to Ethan, she also thinks ethan doesn't  remember her but he does, he just hasn't told her that. They soon start to fall in love and into bed but then Ethan starts getting his vision back and things go from good to bad. I actually enjoyed reading this. Not sure I found it all too realistic the fact Brittany had a crush from the age of 14 on Ethan. He's ten years older and they don't really know each other very well. She's not seen him in all that time apart from maybe the telly yet her feelings never go. And she only ever went with one man in that whole time because of her obsession with Ethan. Score 7/10. - Free.

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