Wednesday 15 January 2014

DIY | MakeUp Brush Holder

Quite a while ago now I read up on some DIY tips on how to create your own makeup brush holder over on MakeUp Savvy' blog here - I can't stress how much better her's is though! Christmas recently happened and I've ended up with a whole lot of new makeup brushes, rather then purchase one online I thought I'd follow the tips and create something unique and one of a kind to me. 

All you need is a empty Nutella glass, some nail polish remover, a piece of cotton wool and some nail polishes of your choice!

  • Clean your Nutella glass thoroughly.
  • Apply some nail polish remover to some cotton wool. Wipe round the glass this will remove any oily substances.
  • Apply a thin layer of the polish of your choice, spreading it evenly round the glass until completely covered with a first coat. If you want glitter this must be added first.
  • If your pushing for time you can always use a hairdryer on a very low cool heat to dry more quickly.
  • If you used a glitter polish it's now time to add your colour polish. 
  • Once applied and dried, add another coat if necessarily. And there you have it!
I used a clear based glitter polish. Models Own Indian ocean from the beetle juice collection to create a two tone effect and then added a few layers of Barry M silver foil effect polish.

I also made one for my Mum - she wanted one too after seeing mine.

You don't just have to use the holder for makeup brushes, there's a whole bunch of thing's you can use to store products in. Please note; Don't put near anything  flammable.

You could also be a little more adventurous and put a personal touch to it or an image. I found inspiration from my latest mani and matched the look exactly with this gold glittery bow. 

My mum now wants another.



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