Sunday 26 January 2014

Book Takeover Sunday | Dream Lover By Nicola Peterson

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This could of been some what of a beautiful story, a woman filling in for her big bosses PA and them falling in love. At first Maxwell is a bossy yet likeable character but that soon changes along time. I'm not going to go to much into the story apart from the fact it kind of highlights Domestic Violence, which I'm very strongly against for obvious reasons. It had me gripped for all the wrong reasons but certainly not something I'll think about reading again. And in all honesty I'm going to bullet point exactly why this story isn't my cup of tea.

  • Maxwell sleeps with Quinn on the first trip away together despite there being absolutely no romance yet involved. Did I forget to mention Quinn is in fact asleep whilst this is going on - yes you heard me right, she came on to him whilst sleep walking (and in Maxwells eyes seeming very much awake), of course she wakes up thinking she was dreaming about sleeping with Maxwell yet doesn't really think it happens.
  • Maxwell is controlling and they don't have any relationship, yet won't allow her to be intimate or involved at all with his driver. WHAT!!!??
  • He doesn't tell her he's slept with her until she ends up in hospital discovering she's pregnant which she find's highly hilarious considering she still thinks she's a virgin. 
  • Whilst pregnant Maxwell doesn't think Quinn is eating right and tries to force feed her.
  • Maxwell threatens to slap her on a number of occasions whilst she's pregnant. 
  • Despite the fact Maxwell is a triplet, she thinks he's cheating after thinking she saw him with another woman, this happens on a number of occasions despite the fact it is in fact, one of Maxwell' identical brothers. He doesn't think to clear this up, with him even inviting the woman for dinner much to Quinn' feelings and emotional pregnant state.
Sometimes it can be hard to leave someone like this, when your scared, emotional and in a state of shock thinking it's your fault but despite Quinn having a firm set of shoulders on her, she does stick up for herself and what she believes in and does eventually leave Maxwell, after he's abused her with his stupid mind games yet takes him back when she's just had an emergency c-section with twins (despite being told she's huge and only having one baby, they fail to see she's having twins) and almost losing her life, it takes that for him to realize his stupid ways and say sorry. So yeah, my thoughts are, Maxwell is a a**e hole and for this reason I just have to give this book a 1/5.


  1. This sounds like a really weird book. The way its written says a lot about it I guess, xoxo.

    1. I'm not saying the author is a bad writer - she really does involve a message in the book that comes across quite well. I was just disappointed with the story lines, how it happened, the plot etc etc. I really didn't feel any connection with that character. xx


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