Saturday 10 May 2014

Revlon Parfumerie | Winter Mint

£7.99 each from Boots & Superdrug.
When I picked Revlon Parfumerie polish up I'd only see one review on someone's blog, now however they're coming much more well known and I've seen them pop up a few times. I've had mine for a good few weeks and managed to wear it a week or so ago and thought now was the time to share my thoughts.
So, I picked up Wintermint. Wintermint is a beautiful icy green with a hint of blue polish, inside are some fabulous blue glitters. This is a sheer polish and three coats are necessary, I found that the polish what an almost gritty - pre top coat - due to the glitters throughout, therefore the smooth finish isn't the smoothest but still okay nonetheless. Lasting power wasn't as great as a typical fully glitter polish but it did last a good 3/4 days - which is a typical polish. I love the shade, I feel you can wear this polish anytime of year and it has this mystic feel about it (it's hard to explain). 
What's special about these nail lacquer is the the parfumerie. They have a scent that matches their name and I get a whiff of mint humbugs in mine which really reminds me of my Grandad, who sadly passed away when I was 11 but is a lovely memory. I love my grandad (of course) and love nail polish, so to wear one of my loves and be reminded of him is fab.
These are available in 20 shades.
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  1. I'm not keen on the texture, thank you for the review as I've been eyeing them up lol. Sorry to hear about your grandad passing away when you was 11, xxx.

    1. They aren't all like Winter Mint you may get on better with another colour :) xx


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