Friday 23 May 2014

Hey, Big Spender! #3

It was absolutely necessary that I created a 'Hey, Big Spender' #3 post - I've bought so much stuff lately that I feel like a crazy spending lady. So, firstly I got my hands on a few bits and pieces from B&M store, I love B&M for a good bargain and I found some good bargains throughout the store - I was actually good this time and only bought what I needed. You can see other posts from my 'Hey, Big Spender' series here, here
and here.

First up was this heat defence spray from TreSemme. This is £5.00 in most stores, I was happy to pick it up for just £2.99. I got a bit of a boring item, but one I always stock up on is the Sure roll on in scent bright. I buy this scent all the time, I just love it and it was only 99p. This hair dye I got from Asda, (due to a ripped box) was only £3.00. I got the shade deep red. I do tend to go for a red shade when dying my hair - my roots seriously need doing so, I guess I just got lucky. I am a huge fan of the hair dyes from Garnier, their my go to brand for hair dye. My hair always feels so lovely, moisturising and soft once I've used a dye from the brand.

Also from B&M - I was after a clear nail polish to use for base and top coat purposes, unfortunately they were only 1 clear polish in a duo pack, fortunately it only cost me £2.99 for both these. RRP £4.49 each at leading drug stores. I've not tried any of the Kate salon pro polishes - very much looking forward to giving this a go. (Just wanted to make it clear there isn't a pink tint to the clear nail polish, behind is my pink bag). I don't tend to go in Poundland but I should more often because you can get some really good bargains in store. I picked up two fake flowers and this gold sort of flowers come twiggy thing, that is suppose to be for flower arrangements. It's from the Christmas selection but it was all sparkly and I couldn't not take it to the tills to purchase. These will be for blog photos and I've already put them to good use. £1.00 each.

I was more then thrilled to get a DM on Twitter informing me I was being rewarded with an £8.00 gift card just for follow W Diamonds Co Twitter page. After looking at every piece of jewellery on their site I settled on this beautiful mint green bracelet, though I was attracted to a ring that would make the perfect wedding ring (all heart shaped with diamonds, ahh) I wasn't sure on my finger size and went with this instead. I'm very much a casual girl and love my jeans and wanted something that would suit anything, this will go beautifully with my pastel pink bracelets from Cherry Diva and everyone knows how I love pinks and greens together. I'll do a better post on this soon.

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