Wednesday 28 May 2014

Think Positive | Introduction

Think Positive Charms Bracelet - here.

What I love about Think Positive are the benefits of looking on their website and having a totally different outlook on life, a positive one at that. Think Positive are a British based jewellery brand that have an Italian charm, with all their products made in Italy. Antonio Marsocci is the founder of Think Positive, he created the brand in hopes of promoting a positive philosophy through his jewellery.

Above are just some of the positivity that Think Positive want to create within their jewellery, with encouraging upbeat words like focus, luck, love, dream, faith, wish, smile, believe, Think Positive and win - with a positive outlook on life you can be anything or anywhere you want to be, you just have to be believe in yourself and get by with a few encouraging words. You can also buy the charms separately along with a plain bracelet and add the 'words of wisdom' you wish to carry with you on an everyday basis.

Silver heart rolo necklace - here.
 The silver heart rolo necklace is such a beautiful piece. I like to call it the key to my heart (because I'm cheesy like that), gone are the simple chain and in it's place something a little more romantic, it's a link of hearts - like linking your heart to the one you love and back again. This particular piece is on different levels which jazzes it up a touch. 
"Marrying my professional coaching practices to my history in the fashion industry I have designed the  Think Positive silver jewellery to carry my fundamental message to you: Think Positive! By wearing this constant reminder of your “think positive” state of mind, you make a statement about the attitude that you bring to your life. A declaration of intent for everyday living. Be with me and be part of the Think Positive world. It is time to make optimism an everyday reality". Antonio Marsocci - Think Positive quote taken from the website.

Silver bracelet with blue murrine - here.
I really love this bracelet, the silver and blue glass work so well and it's got some serious sparkle going on. This is a really trendy piece that would work with a ton of different outfits and looks. This bracelet is very similar in style to a few others and available in a few different shades. One of the shades is green which I also love too. 

Charms silver bracelet - here.
When you thought Think Positive couldn't surprise you anymore, they do with the most beautiful jewellery. This opened hearts and small solid hearts bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and again, will look fab with anything. Think Positive bring the most extravagant, stylish pieces that look great quality. You can see the amount of work and dedication that's been put into each piece.

They also sell jewellery for men that can be found in my Father's day gift guide part 2, tomorrow - here. They offer free worldwide delivery and you can look at more of their gorgeous jewellery here.

What do you think of the brand? Comment below with your thoughts on Think Positive.

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  1. That jewellery is so pretty, I'm not a massive jewellery wearer but those designs are just so pretty no one could turn them down! xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. I didn't use to be a major lover of jewellery but within the last few years I've become a fan and with no doubt Think Positive are one of my favourite brands so far, I've not tried anything but everything is super pretty, unique, beautiful and over all very positive with an uplifting vibe about them :) xx

  2. Their pieces are soo pretty and girly.. i love them xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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