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Book Takeover Sunday | A Trio Of Books by Aimee Ash

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At time of purchase Enigma was free from Amazon for Kindle.

When Kate Harris moved to Long Beach California she didn't realize her life would change forever. Little did she know she'd become so obsessed with the hunky guy next door, the same guy that happens to save her life after almost making her drown at the beach. All Kate wants is a normal life, to enjoy college, meet the guy of her dreams and make friends, but her feelings are to deep and she's puzzled by the mystery of this man who is trying his best to keep away from her. But her journey ends when she discovers her neighbour is none other then Jack Jones, who is hiding a dark secret that makes him anything but normal.

My Thoughts

Along the story Kate discovers that Jack is in fact a twin and is cursed with deep curse that will see him, and his brother Sebastian die if jack is left broken hearted or ever tries to get intimate. Jack tries to make Kate see sense that this curse is Sebastians fault and tells her to keep away from him, but rather then do so she's intrigued by Sebastian and finds herself falling for him too.

I love fantasy book's but I'd be lying if I said this was one of the best fantasy novels I've ever read. The fact that they will die if Kate get's intimate with Jack is fine, but when the boys adoptive Mum suggests if Kate get's a liquid injected into her which will make the curse go away and her be like them is a little weird and also makes the story line a little weak for my liking. Also how quickly Kate falls in love, I know the curse draws her in but she falls for Sebastian just has quickly and it's not that realistic in my eyes. Never-the-less it got me wanting to read on and to see how things unfold, this is a trio and it seems the second book may well be better then the first so I've downloaded the second too. Score 3/5.

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The second book isn't free.

So Jack is very much out the window and Kate is now in a relationship with his twin brother Sebastian. With dark secrets come realization that Jack and Sebastian mother is more then definitely alive, after Kate and Sebastian discover secret letters between their mother and adopted father, who has now passed on. They both rush to the airport to stop Jack from boarding a place, all is too late and Jack boards the plane, telling Kate in the process that their relationship is somewhat of a love/hate relationship, which leaves Kate stunned and saddened by the loss of their friendship. Truth soon to be known, Jack didn't board the plane but is in search of his and sebs birth mother. And Kate and seb soon find her living in the middle of no where with a daughter in tow.

My Thoughts

I found the second novel to be somewhat better then the first, though it was less action packed, you could feel more emotion as you read on. Along the way are lots of secrets which keep it interesting. My only problem is the love story, yes it's your typical two lads, one girl love story and don't get me wrong I love that, but I found it could of been a little more interesting and more to it. This girl finds herself in love with two brothers, she doesn't hang around either, one minute she's with one the next with the other. I think it would be a better story with more of a build up before she enters these relationships. I love nothing more then the intense frustration when you want to characters who have obvious feelings for one another, to be together and this is exactly what is missing in this book, time to get to know one another and build on the relationship. Score 3.5/5

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In the wake of Secrets (where they weren't plenty of dark secrets) comes Forever. Kate has since discovered her lovers secret in the form of a child, yes Sebastian got someone pregnant and it was his first love, who just happens to be in a coma after an horrific car crash which see's his son Lucas completely untouched. With the fantasy of the Enigma series, Lucas has gained his Dad's powers and can't die. Kate starts having doubts about her relationship with Seb has he grows closer to Kelly (Lucas' Mum). With Seb's head messed up and Kelly in a coma, seb decides to get away for a bit and distance himself from Kate, leaving his brother watching over Kate. Jack's adamant the past is in the past and puts everything behind him to look out for both his brother and lucas, as well as Kate. With seb barely registering Kate and paying her any attention, Kate feels more alone then ever and is soon wondering whether they have a relationship at all. Kate soon visits and is surprised to find someone there, and hurt by sebs secrecy. Which bring Jack and Kate even closer.

My Thoughts

I just want to shake Kate and tell her to make up her mind, either way this is the best book in the series and happens to be the last. Though Kate is totally confused about her feelings, with the revelation with Seb she happens to find herself drawn back to Jack - especially, with Seb barely speaking to her and herself and Jack hanging out more. The curse is now broken leaving Kate and Jack to experience real feelings towards one another, plus I'm happy to see the characters back together, they make more sense then Kate and Seb. Unlike Secrets, there is more of a getting to know one another basis, rather then lets get together straight away, we are so in love. Plus the book is filled with more revelations and a lot more emotion from the Characters which is nice to see. Score 4/5.

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