Tuesday 12 November 2013

Marc Jacobs Daisy | A Perfume Review*

No, I'm not on holiday. This really was the blue skies and sunshine of last week, up North.

Last week I was fortunate enough to get my hands on the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume gift set to review from Fragrance Direct. If you haven't heard of Fragrance Direct - where have you been? - basically it's a online beauty store full of perfumes from many different brands/celebrities plus our much loved favouries Essie, Rimmel, OPI and many other much loved brands, at a fraction of the price of high street and department stores, - definitely worth checking out.

The gift set came presented in this beautiful box, with repetitive pictures of the Daisy perfume all over it and right in the middle this pink bow. Inside were very decent sized 75ml shower gel and body lotion that smell exactly like the perfume and of course the perfume which is a fabulous 50ml. I just have to mention the bottle, seriously how gorgeous is it?, one that I for sure will have presented on my drawers long after the perfumes gone. 

What the experts say; Wild strawberry, violet leaves and ruby red grapefruit feature as tops notes in this delectable fragrance. Heart notes burst with violet, jasmine and gardenia, while base notes capture your attention with vanilla, musks and white woods.

The perfume it's self it very floral and fresh. I see it appealing to a wider audience in age from 16-35. 
It's not at all a strong perfume, though I'd say it lasts around 6 hours when you put quite a bit on, it is quite a subtle scent after a while but a little stronger when first applied. This is a perfume that's perfect for day time wear, and I definitely seeing it has a Spring/Summer staple perfume. 

I really like the perfume and just love the bottle.
Next on my list is Honey and Dot - which I've been wanting for ages.

You can save over £8.00 buying this gift set at Fragrance Direct. Shop here.

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  1. I used to love this perfume. I never owned it but I'd spray some on every time I walked past a perfume counter haha. Marc Jacobs perfumes always have the best bottles. I really want to buy Honey by Marc Jacobs.

    1. I've not tried any until this one but what attracts me to them is the gorgeous bottles. I'd go for the bottle just to have it on my dresser even if I hadn't smelt the perfume. My favourite perfume ever is Givinchy Very irresistible x

  2. I have this perfume and really like it. I wish it smelt strong all day but its a Spring Perfume so I understand why it doesn't. Great review hun, xoxo.

    1. Yes it be nice a little bit stronger just so it last longer. It's so subtle that it's strong and then it gradually wears. Though it lasts a while, you really need to put your nose to hand to really smell it. I'm guessing you'd need more then your usual spray for long lasting xx

  3. Replies
    1. It's perfect for spring/summer and the bottle is stunning. I really want the other two mainly for the bottle - I'm yet to smell them x

  4. Lovely - I'll be reviewing Calvin Klein DownTown in the next couple of days


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