Sunday 17 November 2013

A Novel | The Mortal Instrument Series

I was originally pulled in to this franchise after seeing the movie trailer for The Mortal Instrument - City of Bones in the Twilight's last installment and I was completely gripped. I'd never heard of the mortal instrument series before shockingly, but the trailer looked completely amazing and I was soon on the hunt for the books, little be known to find there was in fact five out, eck! I originally looked on Amazon Kindle and found they were £4.99 each, which isn't bad but due to five being out and me being a fast reader £25 was a little out of  my budget. So I was super excited to find all five books at The Book People for only £6.99 and an offer was included for free delivery at the time. Purchase here.

The Mortal Instrument By Cassandra Clare

  • Book 1 - City of Bones
  • Book 2 - City of Ashes
  • Book 3 - City of Glass
  • Book 4 - City of Fallen Angels
  • Book 5 - City of Lost Souls
  • Book 6 - City of Heavenly Fire Coming 2014
Clary Fray is just a normal girl, at least she thinks she's just that - normal - but she's far from it. Suddenly she's drawing a mark, seeing this mark in public places and having encounters with people only she can see; Shadow hunters. All of a sudden she's seeing Vampires in Brooklyn, Werewolves in Manhattan and drawn towards the shadow hunters, one in particular and him to her. Clary is suddenly thrust in the deep dark dangerous secret world of New York City and dangers of love that must be forbidden.

My Thoughts; I loved following the journey which, is mainly centered around Clary. Clary is on this path of  self discovery, learning new things about herself whilst trying to save her mum whose been taken by the worlds most evil demon (who also happens to be a shadow hunter). On that path, she discovers monsters that she thought only existed in stories and also falls in love. Jace is her love interest, though he's a little stubborn about it really and tries not to show much emotion. But it's easy to picture Jace and fall a little in love with his character, he's laid back and cool about everything but at the same time you just know where his heart lies, he's funny, charming and comes across very attractive. There's the typical three way love triangle - but I love it. Along the way there are many twists and turns, it's a complete mystery to read and you just want to know what's going to happen next. But the ending is very surprising, something you just don't except to happen.

 I equally loved the film just as much as the book and when you think of Jace you imagine, Jamie Campbell Bower - I'm so glad he was chose for the part. There isn't much difference between the book and the film really, and unlike the Beautiful Creatures film, this stuck to the plot didn't have any major changes and was equally has fantastic. DVD is out in January 2014, UK. 

The other books;
And it doesn't just stop there, this is a huge franchise with several more books (available to purchase already), the other books have there own little journey going on, adventures through cities only known to the magical creatures. The plots deepens, thicken and get even more adventurous and even more interesting. There's a whole lot of action, funny comedy moments, romance and lots of self discovery. Clary goes through so much in these books, they all do. And the book's spread out, hopping between different characters, giving a feel for each individual main characters involved, feeling their emotion and having their point of view come across too. They are such good reads, with what we can only hope will be a happy ending but I guess only time will tell since the final installment is still to reach us next year. I've also heard there's going to be spin offs too. I definitely recommend these books to them who love indulging in a world of the unknown and love fantasy.

You may or may not have heard that the second film almost didn't go ahead. Well it turns out it will still go ahead they've just pushed the filming date back to next year. The people behind the movie, initially advertised towards a younger audience, when it happens there are more adult readers then younger ones. I'm so excited for the next installment and to see what the book is like in comparison when it comes alive on the big screen.



  1. Thank you so much. I'll check it out later :) x

  2. Ohh your convincing me to purchase these books, they sound amazing. I'll wait for the dvd to come out and watch it, xoxo.

    1. They are brilliant, now that I've finished them I really miss reading them and feel like starting them again. I'm reading fifty shades again. The film is amazing but I would buy the books and at 6.99 you can't go wrong. The book people have a percentage off too but it ends soon I think xx

  3. Im reading these too.. on the third book at the moment. really enjoying them

    1. You'll definitely enjoy the rest. I can't wait for the last one. Be sad its over unless there's some spin-off's. I may have to read them all again before last one comes out. Can't wait for the film! X

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