Tuesday 5 November 2013

Book Review #5

Mandy decides to write to eligible bachelor after her best friend dares her too after seeing him in a AD and that's not all he's a millionaire too. Little be known to Mandy she is in fact exchanging letters with the mans friend Adam Gray whose replying on his friends behalf. His friend however is soon asking Adam to go check out Mandy at her B&B by posing has a guest to see if she's a possible wife to be. Adam however helps Mandy get the business up and busting with customers something that lacked a lot before he came along. Spending more and more time together Adam and Mandy start to get feelings for one another leaving the friend abroad wondering what his maybe wife to be will be like. Unknown to them he's planning on marrying someone else. Things only go down hill with truth coming out, whilst Adam and Mandy drift apart but miss each other madly are they destined to be together or apart forever. Score 10/10 - Love this. Free.
Workaholic Dean woke up not remembering anything about the two day's that had just passed of his life. Until Kelly came knocking his now new wife. He's a business man, she's a Las Vegas dancer. A match made in hell, dean does find kelly sexy but kelly is no airhead and won't be pushed about. Dean is turning out to be everything he didn't want to be just like his father. With the marriage looming about him, he flies out to kelly in las vegas from boston to give her a trial marriage. Dean's anything but warm, his heart is made of stone and his presence is cold and miserable but Kelly knows deep down somewhere inside him his the lovely heart warming man she married. And she's determined to find him. Score 8/10 - I really liked this too, it was a really good read with romance and a little comedy. Free.
Natalie Daniels, husband just dumped her for someone else. Her new boss is trying to get her to walk away from her job has a news presenter and she's falling in love with her agent who is engaged to somebody else even though he's secretly in love with Natalie. Natalie isn't one to fall or fail and will work hard to get her career back on track and get on with watching the man of her dreams be with someone else. Will she be a falling star or rise bigger and better then ever? Read to find out... 10/10 - I loved this too, I love reading anything that gives a insight in to what could be a celebs lifestyle and this story went between numerous characters including bitchy Kelly. I really liked this and finding that age is just a number. - Free.

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  1. I'm so glad you posted this. It always takes me ages to choose books, especially when I can't physically flick through them. I love book recommendations. I'm definitely going to be downloading Lonely Millionaire at some point, and also Falling Star.

    1. Glad I could be of some help. Prices are subject to change so please take note when looking though I imagine they will only be a pound or so if not still free. Enjoy x


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