Saturday, 23 November 2013

Barry M | The Royal Effect - Princess

Hi everyone, I hope your all having an amazing start to the weekend. Basically I just wanted to start the post off with my sincere apologies for neglecting my blog a little this week. Though I am dedicated completely to bringing beauty, fashion and more - books, films, a little of my lifestyle, etc - to this blog, I've also been taking time to concentrate on other aspects of my life. I have a huge dream and though this dream seems way off into the very future, I am having to try and make that dream come true by neglecting my blog a little. 'If you have a dream and believe in it passionately and give it your all, there's know reason why it can't come true, one day.' I will be delivering posts on a weekly basis, rather then a daily one (but I will try to bring them frequently and maybe even daily if/when I can), I hope you understand that following my dream and goal is one of my priorities right now whilst juggling my normal day to day life, of course so is blogging but on a lesser scale. Blogging is a huge hobby of mine, but I've not got a career out of it which is where my dream I hope one day will take me. Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

My long term readers will know that my weakness is anything glittery and sparkly. When Barry M announced the release The Royal Collection, I went weak at the knees and started foaming at the mouth (okay, maybe not). I could of bought all five in the collection if it wasn't for my excessive nail polish collection at home and the many glitters I own. When Boots had a 3 for 2 on and I had an extra £3.00 off with a deal receipt they were doing, I decided to take advantage. I only got one, go me! 

The Royal textured glitter collection is available with five shades to choose from; Princess (Pink), Majesty (Gold), Duchess (Nude), Pearl (White) and Countess (Purple) - all are glitter nail paints.
I got Princess which is of course pink. From the bottle the glitters inside are almost an orange shade, but on they are most definitely gold glitter particles inside with some silver ones thrown in for good measure. On first coat it's quite sheer making it perfect to use as a top coat over a more opaque pink. But it's buildable in 2/3 coats depending on how thick you apply it. The glitter doesn't catch the light like some glitters to do, but it's a lovely polish and looks really pretty on. The good news with glitters is though they tend to be a nightmare to get off, they last ages and I only have one minor chip two days on. I really want the other four. 

These are £3.99 each at Boots and Superdrug and online at Barry M here.

Please enter my two giveaways. Only a week and half until they end.

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