Sunday 3 January 2016

What I Got For Christmas - 2015 Edition

 Hello beauts, 
 Wow, it's the new year and I'm back with my first post. The end of last year was really lame, exciting, disappointing, rewarding, and all sorts of crazy, it was a mix of emotions and lots of independence and my head kinda went away from blogging, for a little while, which allowed me to concentrate on a few more life type happenings and overcome various things - but new year new start right? I'm back, and hopefully will get into the swing of this again - I've missed all this so much and have tons built up to write about, so, without further rambles, I hope you had the most amazing Christmas and a great start to 2016. I'm back in the new year to share with you what I got for Christmas, and boy was I spoilt rotton. 


 The clothing I received this year mainly consisted of pj's. I also got this faux leather jacket and gorgeous cream coat - both from Primark. 


 I was very lucky to receive 2 pieces of Pandora jewellery this year.


This year was probably the year I didn't ask for much beauty wise, in fact, the only item I did put on my list was the Zoeva Rose Gold palette! Everything else gradually got asked for, except the Active Cosmetics makeup kit.  


Not sure what it is about getting older but gradually more and more homeware type items end up getting asked for. All these were super affordable - I really can't wait to frame them and hang them on my wall.


I'm somewhat of a book hoarder and just like my blogging reading's taken a backseat too. I've built up quite the library over the last year and have far to many books to read (book haul coming soon).


 The Eeyore teddy is certainly up there in my top 3 gifts.

I also received a personalised New York calendar and quite a bit of money - that I've enjoyed spending in the sales (haul coming soon). 


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