Sunday 10 January 2016

Super Savvy Christmas 2016 - Why Starting Your Christmas Shopping After Christmas Is A Good Idea.

 I'm well known for saving where I can. I look around for the best deals on everything and never settle for first price unless it's the cheapest, therefore I find myself doing everything I can with a budget in mind, this doesn't mean I don't get the higher end, branded toys, etc, because I do, it just means I do at a good price. Starting my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve or the Boxing day sales isn't something I've ever done before, but something I have thought about doing and decided to proceed with this year - and here is why it's worth starting your Christmas shopping after Christmas. 

Come Christmas Eve and I'm checking out the Boots website on the look out for beauty goodies for myself, it wasn't originally my intention to pick up gifts for Christmas 2016 but the prices are unbelievable at half price and there's so many great gifts that stand out at me that I just think why the hell not, and in doing so I'm able to treat myself to 3 perfume gift sets using Christmas money gifted to me also. 

 The items above came to an original price of £82.50 and I only paid £41.25p.

 Next stop... Superdrug.

 Superdrug seemed to have more savings then Boots, less stock, but great stocking fillers for the kiddies. I had £2 saved on my points card so I only ended up paying £14.41 - I'm unsure of the original prices but I know I've saved loads. 

Next up... Clinton's 

 Clinton's are probably one of the most expensive card shops on the high street (if not in the UK) and it was by chance I went in and saw they were trying to get rid of their christmas stock, so I thought I'd stock up and in doing so I managed to get majority of 2016's christmas cards. The offers are exceptional; 3 cards for £2 and half price on boxed cards - I ended up paying just £14 for the above.

Other bargains I've managed to grab from Debenhams are; Disney Planes - waterfall track set (originally £40 paid £12). Littlest Pet Shop - jet (originally £45 paid £13.50). Spider-man web slinger (originally £15 paid £4.50). 

The savings alone are a great reason to start Christmas shopping straight after Christmas.


  1. This is such a great idea! Can't believe how many amazing deals you got. The sales really are good this year!

    The Mouse Chick Blog ♡

  2. I should do that too but I am always so broke after Chritsmas, anyway...great post ! I am loving the No7 set !

    (PS: I am following on Google Friend Connect I am No 219, pls follow back).


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