Saturday 23 January 2016

After Christmas Haul

After receiving money in my cards at Christmas I couldn't wait to turn on my laptop and start spending it in the Christmas sales. I love sales shopping and couldn't wait to see what bargains I'd be able to find in Boots, etc.

I received one bottle of perfume for Christmas, from my boyfriend, my absolute favourite, Givenchy very irresistible. Unfortunately, I was slacking in the perfume front and my bottles were running on empty, so I decided to have a mad spree and pick up some of the gift sets. I'd heard a lot of positive things about the Ghost Eclipse and on a win decided to pick up Ghost Deep Night too. I've not been blown away by either and slightly disappointed with the scent of both perfumes. I also picked up Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck too.

Skinny Dip is one of my favourite websites for phone cases and this is my second phone case from the site. I fell in love with the iPhone version of this unicorn case and so desperately wanted to jazz my Samsung S6 up with it, unfortunately it was unavailable for ages, so I went for a glittery pink star one. I was so excited when I spotted this on their site, recently, and quickly purchased it without a second thought, and just so you know, my phone looks simply amazing right now! I also picked up this purse in the sale, it's so tacky but my 12 year old self is loving it.

This year is the first year, ever, that I didn't receive any dvd's, and let me tell you, this never happens! I had quite the list of films and boxsets that I so desperately wanted but didn't get so you can imagine what my Birthday list consists of. I decided to pick up 3 of my favourite films from Amazon. The Host, The Duff and The Ugly truth are films I highly recommend, and also so affordable.

I'm the biggest Harry Potter fan, so when I saw this in The Works I knew I'd have to buy it, but at £35 it was slightly pricey so I left the store without it. Not far from my thoughts and with Christmas money burning to be spent in my purse I decided to go for it. It's a beautiful page to screen adaption of all the Harry Potter films, which goes into detail about the actors and characters and comes with so many amazing pictures/photo's. It'll make an interesting read for my Harry Potter fanatic self, but also for anyone mad about movies in general - and trust me when I say there is a lot of writing.

The last thing I picked up was this beautiful bracelet from Not On The High Street. It was a sale piece and personalised to myself. I love it. It goes perfectly with my new Pandora ring too. 

I also picked up a selection of Famous 5 books, which can be seen in my latest book haul.

Have you posted any hauls recently? Leave a link in the comment section and I will come and check it out. Have a great weekend x


  1. Ghost Eclipse is one of my favourites, it's just beautiful xx

  2. I love Ghost's Deep night perfume, I have been wearing it for years and am still not sick of it. Always need to repurchase it in Christmas Sales.

    Tasha xx


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