Monday, 29 June 2015

Llandudno - Day Out In North Wales

 I've only had the pleasure of visiting Wales once before. I was very young, like primary school age and I loved it, but it's not a place I've really thought of visiting again until Llandudno was mentioned to me last week. I'm actually based in Lancashire (on the Yorkshire boarder) and mentioning North Wales to my family produced a few frowns to say the least. Wales isn't at all a place I'd of thought about visiting for just a day, but then I didn't realise just how close North Wales was - just a 2 hours drive. And it's well worth the drive. Llandudno is a very picturesque town. It's got the most gorgeous coastal line with the bluest of seas, and not forgetting the spectacular views.

 Llandudno would make a great weekend away or even a day trip (if you live nearby). The beach isn't the best beach ever, but further down the coast it gets better and better. There's a great set of hotels, shops and eateries. There's also a tram that takes you up a mountain (which is a must) and a cable car that gives spectacular views over the sea. There's an option of driving up the mountain where a toll charge does occur, but it's well worth the drive for the photo's alone. I hope my photos alone get you making plans to visit. I know I will be back soon!

 There's caravan sites scattered close by, usually found in Prestatyn. There's plenty for families who come with children... a fun fair, arcades, donkey rides etc. It's well worth a visit, even for those interested in photography and I hope these photo's give you the push to visit this beautiful place.

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