Thursday 12 February 2015

What I've Been Reading

 I have such a huge obsession with books right now. For the last year in fact I've really enjoyed reading and introducing new authors to my book collection, many of which have been books I've heard you guys mention so much about; Sophie Kinsella, Paige Toon, Lindsey Kelk to name a few. I've loved your recommendations, and I love a good romance so these have been perfect for me. If you have anymore recommendations of amazing authors then hit the comment section and share them with me. Just a pre-warning this is a slightly longer post then usual.

 Paige Toon was someone I heard quite frequently about whilst reading people's blogs or on my comment section. When the time came to purchase a new book Paige Toon was the first author that popped into my head and I quickly took the plunge. After reading through the reviews and seeing all 5 starts shining yellow I added it to my basket and paid. Thirteen Weddings is about fun, friends and trying to forget that one night stand from your British friends hen party, however, in the land of books nothing ever goes the way you want it too. Bronte never forgets about her one night stand Alex and it's not long before she's boarding a plane to the UK and starting a new job, the same job Alex just happens to work that. Determined to move on Bronte becomes a part-time wedding photographer. Where thing's go from semi-good to bad, to worse and then great again. 

I found Thirteen Weddings to have quite a slow start and to begin with I struggled to get into it for this reason. A good few chapters in and the pace started to quicken. I then couldn't get enough of the story and was quite surprised by the ending - not how I expected it to end at all! It certainly wasn't one of my most favourite books I've read but it certainly wasn't the worst, it was just somewhere in the middle for me. I would like to read more from Paige Toon though, if you have any suggestions feel free to share. 3.5/5

 Sophie Kinsella truly made me so excited to read rom-coms again. Her witty sense of writing style leaves me in stitches every time and despite 'I've got your number' being my favourite book by her so far, they were still really great reads. Can You Keep A Secret is about blabber mouth Emma, get her on the plane and she'll reveal her deepest secrets, about work, family, friends and even her boyfriend, all to the wrong person. He's just a stranger, she tells herself, or at least she thought he was!

I don't think I've cried with laughter in such a long time. This is one of those books where your boyfriend ends up giving you funny looks whilst you laugh out loud, cry with laughter and maybe let out an accidental snort... my bad! I love everything about can you keep a secret from the way it's wrote to the characters and all that's in between. It's a light, easy read that I highly recommend. 5/5

Twenties Girl is a little different to the Sophie Kinsella books I've read so far. It had a bit of a sleepy, slow start but once in a few chapters I really started to enjoy it. The story behind Twenties Girl is very different to Sophie Kinsella' stories that she tends to write. This novel is very much about family, how life is so very fast and precious and how we should take more time out of our day to day life's to see family, especially elderly ones in our life's. It was very heartwarming, magical and easy for me, personally, to relate too. I really enjoyed the relationship between Lara and her great aunt Sadie. I love that they were romance in the book but the story it's self was focused on Lara and Sadie. 4.5

Divergent Series by Veronica Ross - I'm a huge lover of fantasy. If you have been reading my blog for the duration that I've had it going you'll know that I love exploring a world that is totally unknown to real life throughout books and The Divergent Series is no exception. I absolutely loved it. I loved how Tris is such a strong, independent woman and knows exactly what she wants and how to get it, she stands up for herself and what she believes in. The relationship between herself and Four is truly beautiful. It's such a great read, it folds out perfectly over the 3 novels and ends very differently to most books do. - The film is also great. See more of the UK premiere here.

A Gift to Remember by Melissa Hill -  I loved this, yes it was a little frustrating waiting for anything romantic to happen and totally predictable but the ending ended on such high note. It was very sweet and uplifting with humour in places.

 Have you read any of these? I'd love to know what your favourite author and favourite book is. I may buy and try.


  1. I haven't read any of these but will totally give one of them a go as i'm on the hunt for a good book to get into before uni starts up again. As for books - my all time favourite is the Diary of Anne Frank so totally read that if you haven't already. :) x

  2. I love reading these types of posts as I'm such a book worm! Sophie Kinsella is my favourite author and I completely agree with you that 'I've Got Your Number' is one of her best books :) xx


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