Saturday 14 February 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey - The Movie

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 Happy Valentine's day beautiful people. It seems Valentine's weekend as been taken over by Fifty Shades of Grey. Whether that's a negative review or a positive, this film and book seems to be everywhere. On the lead up to me seeing this I was disheartened to see the negativity surrounding this film. The reviews are crazy on IMDb with a scoring of just 3.4 with the majority of the people reviewing not actually watching it, and let me tell you more than half of them were wrote before it was even released. The morning after the UK premiere I was pleased to see that they were a lot of positivity from both the media and people who had seen the film, as someone going to watch the film that Friday it was important to me that they were at least some positivity, especially for a film I had been looking forward to seeing for months. I am a fan of the books and for anyone who hasn't read it there is a story and more to the book then just sex - you can see my review here.

 If you are a fan of the books and going to see the film today, tomorrow, next week or sometime in the future please keep an open mind. No film, and I repeat no film is ever the same as a book. A film can be based on a book which means they will be some similarities but it won't be exactly like it. They can't be. There is to much information and stuff going on to put into a 2 hour film.


I personally loved the film. It was fantastic. Jamie is everything I hoped for to pull Christian off, from his dashing good looks to his facial expressions and everything in between. I felt the same about Dakota playing Ana. Fifty shades is both Jamie and Dakota's first major film role, considering all the attention this film is bringing them and how their fame will now triple they did so, so well. For anyone who says Jamie and Dakota have no chemistry must have been in another room, they have an unbelievable chemistry and that can be seen in Glamour magazines online Youtube interview they did and on the big screen in this film. Ana is still, only slightly, intimidated by Christian. Her character has changed slightly, she's more outspoken about her feelings and a lot less shy. The comedy side, which I didn't expect, will have you in stitches - They are just so funny together. The film was tastefully shot. There is a lot of boob in this film, but what else can you expect from this sort of film. It ends on a cliff hanger, one you'll be aware of if you have read the books. Some people say this highly glamorizes domestic violence, for me, I just don't see it. Ana knows what she's getting into from the start and gives consent at all times, apart with the car situation. The film is a lot more timid in comparison to the book, but still very good. There is a lot of parts missing from the books, a few that I'd rather were there, but it doesn't make this film any less of a must watch. All in all, there's a mere 15 minutes of sexual contact, which I find is enough. 

Ignore the critics and make your own mind up. I loved it and cannot wait for the next one.

 You are now able to pre-order the DVD from Amazon here and buy the soundtrack here.
Not read the books? The Trilogy is here.


  1. I actually am really looking forward to seeing it despite what everyone is saying as well! :)

    1. I hope you enjoy it if/when you do (of if you watched it already) x


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