Friday 17 February 2017

What's In My Hospital Bag | Pregnancy Edition - What You'll Need!!!

 I'm approaching 34 weeks now and with having a couple of complications regarding the growth of the baby and the water surrounding her I thought it was time to make a start on my hospital bag. Whilst I'm writing this I just want to reassure you that for the first in my pregnancy I left the hospital after my scan on a high. The water is now at a good measurement and the babies growth is within the measurement guidelines, just. I'm due for another growth scan early March and if the measurements have stayed within the two lines then all is great, but if the measurement shows the baby to have dropped below the line then the midwife is looking at potentially delivering the baby early. She was just above the line, so still on the small side. Nevertheless, she's perfectly healthy with a good, strong heartbeat.

 I haven't photographed everything that I'll be packing within my hospital bag, but it does give you a rough idea of what I'll be taking with me and give you some idea of what you'll need when/if you are due to be packing your own soon.

 Despite going into hospital to have a baby you are definitely going to need some essentials for yourself. Pregnancy can take hours or even days and you never know what challenges you may face and it's definitely important you prepare for anything that could occur - including the possibility of staying in hospital overnight. 

What you'll need for you -

An old nightie. A large towel and a hand towel. A flannel. Shampoo and Conditioner. Toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, roll-on deodorant and shower gel. Socks and underwear. Fresh pj's and comfortable going home clothes. Slippers and a dressing gown. Entertainment; books, magazines or music. Makeup. Brush. Phone charger. Sanitary towels and breast pads. Snacks.

What baby need's -

 Sleepsuits and baby-grows. Hat and scratch mitts. Bibs, teddy bear and blanket. Cardigan and snowsuit (mainly for use in colder weather). Cotton wool, baby bath, sudocrem, nappies and wipes - changing bag. A towel. Dummy/pacifier and a car seat.

Be sure to sterilise your dummy's and bottles before you leave for the hospital.

These are all the essentials you'll need for your pregnancy hospital bag. This is what I'll be packing any how and I hope if you are pregnant it gives you an idea of what you'll need in yours. I'm so happy that I've not got long left now and honestly, it's been the fastest pregnancy ever, but I'm certainly at the uncomfortable stage and ready for her to come out now. I can't wait to meet her, but I also can't wait to be more active and also exercise.  The second half of this pregnancy has been very draining and left me unable to do much.

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