Sunday 11 December 2016

Christmas Beauty Advent Calendar Opening - Day 6-10

 How have 5 days even gone by already? It seems like Christmas is approaching quicker than I imagined and with only 2 weeks left until the big day itself, it's easy to get caught up in those festive moments. Apart from my daughter being ill on Friday, I've spent most of the week finishing off my Christmas shopping and helping others do there's. Saturday consisted of more shopping and I found myself enjoying the Manchester Christmas markets. Being pregnant tires me out so quickly, but that alongside a huge headache and getting in after 10pm saw me not having a chance to get this post wrote and going live. Sorry about that. Without further ado here is the last 5 days of my Christmas advent.

 Day 6 - Bomb Cosmetics Cleopatra's desire blaster.

 Day 7 - Bomb Cosmetics Lime & Dandy soap and a Tanya Burr Cosmetics eye shimmer in champagne sparkle.

 Day 8 - Bomb Cosmetics cotton candy blaster.

 Day 9 - Tanya Burr Cosmetics lip gloss in berry pavlova and a Bomb Cosmetics baby shower blaster.

 Day 10 - Bomb Cosmetics you can't catch me blaster.

Hope you enjoyed days 6 to 10. Come back on the 15th for the next batch of advent openings. If you missed the first 5 days you can see that here. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll see you in a few days with a homeware post.

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