Friday 18 March 2016

Shoredirch Vape Kit - Review

When I was first contacted by Shoreditch about reviewing a vape kit I was unsure how it would fit into the contents of my blog, but thinking about it and the beneficial health benefits ditching smoking can do, I thought it would fit somewhere within the contents of lifestyle and health, plus well-being. I'm not a smoker myself, but my sister who is was more than happy to contribute towards reviewing the vape kit. 

 The government says E-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than tobacco. 

Smoking is very much hit and miss when it comes to most people, you either love it or hate it, and well, I most certainly hate it. Each to their own and all that jazz, but I'm just not a fan - I dislike how it tastes (having previously tried it), I hate how it smells, I hate how the smell lingers, and also how it glues itself to your clothes. That's why I highly recommend the vape kit if you're a smoker.  

Shoreditch do two vape kits, one being slightly bigger than the other, and we decided to go with the slimline design - I just found this one to be slightly more trendier looking and so much nicer. Due to the sleeker design it had a slightly smaller tank capacity and a much smaller battery. The coils must be changed once a week depending on the usage of the vapor. The nice thing about Shoreditch is the huge variety of flavours to choose from. There's some really interesting flavours and I were pleasantly surprised of the variety. I chose on behalf of my sister; chocolate, bubblegum, and tutti fruity. My sister wasn't keen on the chocolate flavour, but loved the other two, especially tutti fruity.

My sister really loved how slim, trendy and lady like it was. She was disappointed in how long the coils lasted for - She said the coils burnt out after 4 days and felt this was to quick for someone who is trying to quit smoking. The vapor it's self is amazing, felt brilliant and smooth on intake.

 My sister was relatively pleased with the Vapor, apart from the coil situation and insisted she would recommend to a friend. She said she'd like to see Shoreditch jazz it up a little and offer more colours rather than just black and white. My sister used this in-between smoking her usual number of cigarettes, and unfortunately didn't quit completely - I guess she had no willpower.

Shoreditch is very reasonably priced at £19.99 for both kits that are available. You can also purchase 3 bottles of e-liquid for 99p and they also have free first class postage.

 Use code GETVAPING99 for 3 bottles of e-liquid for 99p.

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