Sunday 27 March 2016

Bride to Be to Bride - #1

 Since getting engaged on the 14th of February it's been complete wedding galore. Wedding talks have been non-stop, venues have been spoken about and booked, and little purchases have now been made. The wedding is quite a while off yet, but each wedding type chat is filled with a pure buzz and excitement, and I alone can't wait to marry my best friend.

 People assume getting married means spending a fortune, and okay, it's not cheap, but there's so many ways of cutting the costs. Amazon, eBay and BHS have been my budget spending saviors. Looking out for offer codes and free delivery (included) meant I only spent £88 on my four flower girl dresses - and they are quite something. My colour scheme of ivory, silver and dusky pink (see above) is chosen and I'm well on the way to getting every little accessory and wedding necessity that's needed. 

 Everything I've got is really affordable. We are personalising the day to night invitations, but decided to go for something standard for those who will just be invited to the evening do - This alone helped cut costs. Our favour bags are so pretty and work really nicely with our theme, which if you haven't guessed already... butterflies and roses. We can't wait to fill these up with the goodies we've decided on for our special guests. 

I've also created some little save the date cards. These were super affordable at £4.95 for 100, and were personalised with my own photo. I felt the red was a little off with the black font and not very visible, therefore I've now redesigned them and ordered some new ones (new photo included). You can purchase these at 123 Print.

 We've got a couple of other bits and pieces, plus more idea's up our sleeves. Obviously we won't share everything with you, especially since there could well be some nosy guests checking this post, that and we want there to be lots of surprises on the day it's self. Come back soon for even more wedding posts.

I hope you have a great Easter, and enjoy your chocolate induced coma later. Much love x

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