Thursday, 18 February 2016

I Said YES!!!!!

 I've been stuck in wedding bliss since I said yes. That's right, I'm newly engaged and can hardly believe it myself. I feel like someone's going to pinch me and I'll wake up and it not be real, but 4 days have now gone by since Valentine's day and that ring is still firmly on my finger so it must be true. 

 The day started off pretty normal, we exchanged presents and that was that, but my partner had other ideas and he kept on giving. First the most amazing bouquet of flowers arrived at my door, and then he cooked the most amazing meal (don't get me started on the deco), and then he presented me with an engagement ring... dropping down to one knee and asking if I'd marry him. It was oh so romantic and I'm still shocked and speechless at the effort and thought that went into everything, and even more so his proposal. 

I'm going to be doing lots of wedding posts in the build up to the big day it's self, and showing you how you can plan a wedding on a budget. Eckk!! It's been a blur of wedding talk and pure excitement. I can't wait to plan my wedding and become Mrs M ♥

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