Thursday 2 October 2014

My Bookshelf & I

 Recently I said goodbye to my Boyfriend's DIY project of  a home built bookshelf and hello to this new one from Ikea - which you may or may not of seen in my most recent haul post. It's not that they were anything wrong with the one's he built from an old chester drawers, but they were slightly on the smaller side and not big enough for my ever expanding book collection.

This bookshelf was just £25.00 from Ikea, and it available in four shades.

 What's on my bookshelf?

 I recently went through a little bit of a book hoarding phase, ending up with 7 newbies that I'm yet to read.. opps! I've always loved to read from a very young age and that's definitely stayed with me has I've entered adulthood. It's only in recent months my life's been hectic and I've not been able to read as much as I'd like too. The main reason for this post is to share with you what's on my bookshelf and what I like to read. 

Ever since Harry Potter was introduced to me - and it seemed everyone was crazy for what was soon to be the biggest selling franchise of all time - I became obsessed with fantasy, there's nothing that appeals to me more then entering a world that's totally unknown and made up. Different to real life, reading and imagining things that aren't real - which is probably where my love of writing came from. Some of my favourite fantasy books are The Divergent series by Veronica Roth (Insurgent film coming next year), The Fallen Series By Lauren Kate (Fallen coming soon to a cinema near you), Teardrop also by Lauren Kate (Waterfull - book 2 in the series - coming soon) and The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (Suppose to be a second film coming. I hope!). See the patten? Each one of these is fantasy. I love the world of fantasy, and now a days sci-fi too. Hello The 100 and Under The Dome!

If I'm not reading fantasy/sci-fi then my hours are being filled with a great romance. Be that romantic comedy, soppy romantic (which I personally love) or anything cheesy. I love nothing more then reading about two people falling in love, these definitely being the one's I give up my day for to read fully. There's so many authors I love, EL James, Sylvia Day and Katie Price - who I've been a huge fan of for so long. Definitely recommend her books for an insight into a celebrities life - and most recently Sophie Kinsella Who I now absolutely love! There's so many people I want to read books from, including JoJo Moyes, Giovanna Falcone and Paige Toon.

What's on your bookshelf?

I have so many similar reads, even the free downloads I'm able to get on Amazon Kindle are Romantic novels. I'm wanting to widen my genre with something different, and for that I need your help. I'd love to know your recommendations no matter what genre. What are you reading at the moment? What are your most favourite reads? Comment below and give me some suggestions.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm such a huge book worm and thought I'd introduce you to what I love, and hopefully in return you comment telling me what you love. Kind of like a recommendation post from me to you and each other. 


  1. Nice collection! Would you like to follow each other?
    Check out my blog and facebook page:

  2. You have an awesome bookshelf! And so many great books! :D
    I'm currently reading A Storm of Swords and Dragonfly in Amber (the second book of the Outlander series). If you haven't read Outlander I really recommend it, it's really good! It's got fantasy, romance and action. And the TV show just came out and it's pretty good too!

    Your blog is amazing btw! I just became a follower :)

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. I haven't heard of that before. I think I'll have to do a little search on Google regarding the tv show, as for the books they definitely sound like my cup of tea. Fantasy, check. Romance, Check. Action, Check. I'm so there!

      Aww thank you Carla. I'll definitely pop by your blog x

    2. They've not found a broadcaster for this show yet, here in the UK but maybe I'll get the books to see what it's all about. I enjoyed Under the Dome (which series 2 premiered a few weeks ago) and The 100 (series 1 just finished on Monday). I didn't read the books from these though x

  3. Wow you have so many books! Not in a weird way but I actually really liked the Fifty Shades trilogy! Can't wait for the film haha! Abi :)

    1. Not going to lie so do I. I've literally cancelled my Valentines Day, romantic plans to have a sister/mother date and watch this film. Probably weird that I'm attending a film with family members that's going to be so highly sexual - good job we're are close and not bothered about stuff like that! I almost bought PJ's at Tesco's yesterday and have read the books several times, I'm getting the pinch to read them again despite getting all these fabulous newbies I'm yet to read! If you like fifty shades you'll enjoy Sylvia Day's crossfire series x

  4. I also have a kindle, because I've no space and it's so much easier for storage spaces. But, me being me and a book hoarder I get lost on the book isle and end up leaving with several. Hence why I've had to buy this new book shelf, I ran out of space on my DIY project of a bookshelf. I've never thought about looking through the charity shop for books, which also reminds me I've got about 40 books I need to take to charity, ones my parents were going to throw away. No, I can't believe they were either lol x

  5. Charity shops are great for it. We have a charity shop near me that's just books. 50p for paperbacks £1 for hardbacks. Way too easy to spend a fortune :-) we also have a massive book warehouse near me that opens up once a month and sells books at 60-70% off rrp.

  6. I've been meaning to invest in a bookshelf, my dresser just isn't cutting it anymore! Love to see that you have the Divergent series in your collection, it's one of my favorites :) I've just started out a new blog where I'm going to read and review books, take a look if you'd like!

    1. I've has my boyfriend do quite a few DIY projects including making me a beauty table. It's built into the wallnand made from a sparkly type kitchen work top lol. Divergent is one of my faces too, I went to the UK premiere and have a post on that if you want a read use the search bar on my blog.

      Shall definitely check that out :) x

  7. Our towns full of them and I've never been in any. I shall take a look once I've completed all the others on my shelf! I really wish I had one of those warehouses near me, sounds amazing :)


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